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Nancy Drew - The Vision of the Birchwood Prisoner - Review

This weeks episode wasn’t as actiony as some episode have been. It was a heavy character episode that confirmed what I’m betting many fans were theorizing; that the really clean heart removal was done by something supernatural.

Carson got what few answers Ace had about the fact that his car was seen outside of the warehouse where Carson’s client was last seen.

Ace wisely separated himself from Bertram Bobbsey, but, apparently, not soon enough legally speaking. Ace can be charged as an accessory after the fact.

That sentence definitely put fear in Ace’s heart. Ace doesn’t want to deal officially with the situation, because it could ultimately lead to his mother finding out.

Honestly, the secrets Ace’s father is forcing him to keep irk me. But I suppose a parent’s health would be the only thing that would get a child to keep a secret from that parent.

Shame on Ace’s father for kicking him out when he spilled the beans. Ace’s father has been removed from my “characters I like” list.

What was kind of odd about the Ace story line was that he didn’t drive the resolution of it.

After Carson questioned him, Ace took off. He asked Nancy to help decipher that crossword puzzle label code, but she initially declined.

It was Carson who got Nancy to decode it, and it was Carson who called the police to make the arrest. Ace just got to the library during the arrest.

Nancy put her case in the hands of someone she doesn’t really trust and seemed surprised when things didn’t workout as she expected.

When Nancy found out that Trott was about to be released with all charges dropped, and that her actions played a part in it, she was desperate to fix things.

I could understand that going to Temperance was a last ditch action without any hope of success.

And Nancy was right, Temperance was able to confirm that Trott had been working with a supernatural entity. But she also put Trott into a coma.

One of my favorite things about Temperance is the fact that I still can’t nail down whether she’s a good guy too willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal of protecting Horseshoe Bay.

Or if she’s a villain with hidden motives that are simply served by fighting this particular monster. Each episode has me reevaluating the character.

It also seems that we are learning about Temperance with Nancy and Bess. I like the not knowing for sure part.

Ned learned that being engaged doesn’t magically change the ways someone handles their problems. George has been the responsible adult for most of her life.

She hasn’t had anyone to take care of her problems before.

It’s not a surprise that she’s gonna deal with her issues herself rather than asking for help.

Personally, I’m leaning toward George’s side in this situation. Could she have given Ned a heads up on where she was going and why? Yes.

But is she required to bounce it off Ned for opinions, suggestions....or for Ned to fix it? I don’t think so.

For me this is one of those stories that slip real world issues into story telling.Most couples are aware that they will need to work out how to deal with money, holidays, and family. This is one of those situations you don’t think about until you’re in the middle of it.

I absolutely loved George taking the opportunity to say what she needed to say.

I’m a sucker for character stories, and this episode ticked a lot of boxes for me. They even presented the opportunity to watch Ryan being lectured about farming out his chores to Ace.

But really, Carson? Ryan is an entitled, privileged guy who had most of his chores farmed out to household staff his whole life. Why are you surprised?

I really enjoyed this episode. What did you guys think?

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