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Mom - Klondike Five and a Secret Family - Review: "Legal Seagull"

  On Mom, both Adam and Tammy face up to difficult amends from the past, and Adam confronts some difficult feelings in the process.

Bonnie finds a notebook of women's names in the dresser. Adam admits that it's a list he made in Al-Anon of people he owes amends to, but he had lost it and didn't know where it was until Bonnie found it. Apparently, there's a lot of women (and quite a few of their husbands!) who Adam has wronged over the years. Bonnie urges Adam to start working through the list. After some serious hesitancy, Adam agrees to call the first person on the list - Ashley, a girl he dated in college. Apparently, he slept with someone she knew and then moved away and didn't give her his new phone number. (He also stole her "Super Tramp" album!) Unfortunately, he doesn't exactly get a running start to his amends journey - he finds out she's dead!
At the bistro, Bonnie tells the girls Adam's taking Ashley's death hard, and Tammy admits she needs to hurry up and make her big amends - the steak house she robbed! (She hit them in a catsuit on "Cops Eat Free Night!")

At home, Adam continues to not act right and Bonnie confronts him about still being upset. She can't understand why he'd be this torn-up over a girl he dated so long ago that Reagan was still president. Adam's not interested in talking though and tells her he wants to be alone, which of course doesn't sit too well with Bonnie and they get into a blow-up. Adam storms out and drives off in the RV. 

At the now not-an-Outback-Steakhouse (They don't offer the Bloomin Onion or "anything that infringes on its trademark" anymore!), Tammy introduces herself to the manager Lou. He remembers her (and the fact that the security footage of her crime "was a staple at the Christmas party for years!") She begins to make her amends, but is interrupted by a call from Bonnie, who's freaking out that Adam has runaway. Thankfully she's able to get her off the phone so she can hurry up and finish her amends to Lou (He's got sneeze guards to wipe down, after-all!)

At the bar, Adam gets miserably drunk and gets mouthy with some of the patrons. When one of them decides to be a smart-ass and refers to him as "Chair,"...Adam decks him and gets himself arrested!

Down at the police station, Marjorie arrives to bail Adam out. (She's so well known from all the times she's had to bail out her sponsees that the officer admits she should be getting the "friends and family discount" on bail by now!) Adam thanks Marjorie for coming, since he didn't want to call Bonnie. 

While Bonnie is at the bistro freaking out that neither Adam nor Marjorie are answering her calls, Marjorie takes Adam back to the RV, where she talks with him about what's been going on. Adam initially says he doesn't know why Ashley's death bothers him so much and Bonnie doesn't understand that. Marjorie pretty quickly susses out that's not all that's going on, and Adam finally admits that there was more to the story about how he wronged Ashley than what he told Bonnie. He didn't just sleep with someone Ashley knew...he slept with her mother...multiple times! And now he has no way to make amends for the horrible thing he did. Marjorie suggests Adam make living amends and be honest with Bonnie about what really happened.

Adam finally tells Bonnie what happened, and says he didn't want to tell her because he was so ashamed that he was the reason Ashley and her mother stopped speaking. He admits he worried that Bonnie would look at him differently after finding out about the horrible thing he did. Bonnie assures him that she doesn't look at him any differently, and apologizes for being too hard on him.
Bonnie and Adam go to the mausoleum that Ashley's interred at, where they discover that she's actually buried right next to her mother, and Adam finally gets a chance to make his amends. 

Random Thoughts:
- Best lines go to Bonnie when reenacting her amends-in-song to the DMV lady -  "I'm sorry I drove us off a bridge during my three-point turn, but I was tripping balls on acid!" and  Lou, the cynical steakhouse manager - "If you really want to make a difference in the world, how about you and I go out into the parking lot, you hop in your car and run me over?" 

-I got a pretty big laugh when Tammy and the girls went back to eat at the steakhouse when Lou advised they stay away from the "surf" part of the "surf and turf" because the fish wasn't actually fish! 

Were you surprised to see Adam spin out? Did you enjoy seeing Tammy revisit the steakhouse? Let me know below!


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