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La Brea - Origins - Review

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La Brea's freshman season is ramping up for the final couple of episodes and the main storyline took some pretty significant leaps and bounds with a big surprise that I would never had guessed at, even while teeing up another mystery or two.

I want to get Sam's storyline in this episode out of the way before we dive into the main meat of the plot. While the reveal of him having PTSD and being on anxiety meds makes a lot of sense for his character's background as a former SEAL and for his stoic, calm and responsible facade, I feel like such a big character moment probably shouldn't have been dropped on us out of nowhere in the final stretch of episodes. 

I cannot recall any clues pertaining to this reveal in previous episodes. It could have been as easy as just seeing him taking the meds every other episode or so. It feels a lot like Sam got sidelined in this show, especially seeing as we got clues for Ty's, Lucas and Marybeth's and Lilly and Veronica's stories. But hey, this wouldn't be the first time Jon Seda was under-served on an NBC programme which is criminal because he is a phenomenal actor. Regardless, he does great work with the material he's given. I only wish his character had been given more depth earlier on. It's the first time in a while the size of the cast has stood out in a negative way.

Of course, that's also because we're spending a lot more time with the survivors from the 19th century sinkhole. Our group of survivors stumbles across the cute kid we met a few episodes back and take him back to his village while also hoping that they can start to build some diplomatic relations. The attempt at forging alliances though is just a convenient backdrop for the discovery that the kid - Isaiah - is actually none other than Gavin, as Eve discovers in the closing moments of the episodes. 

I did not see that coming and it is a riveting reveal and it even sets up a couple new mysteries for the final two episodes to unravel. The first of which is when exactly did Grandpa come from if not from the passenger ship that arrived sixty years ago? Isaiah said they joined the village a few years ago but they aren't in that photo of Dr. Aldridge's Mojave exploration team which was around that time so they must be from one of the other communities formed down in 10, 000 BC, right? Grandpa also warns Isaiah that Sky People are the enemy - I'm assuming because he knew eventually someone would come through a sinkhole to try and take Isaiah away. 

I also wonder what happened to Isaiah's parents. I assume Isaiah was born in the past or at least right before entering a sinkhole for him to have no memory of his parents which then begs the question as to who or what killed them. And then there's the mystery of how Dr. Aldridge fits into it all. Isaiah's grandfather calls her by name, suggesting a history which I'm sure we'll get some answers to in the next episode seeing as Paara doesn't think Aldridge is long for this world. She says some more cryptic things in this episode like reminding Silas how important Isaiah/Gavin is and telling Eve and Levi that Silas isn't who they think he is. She should really get some kind of award for consistently saying the most unhelpful things.

Up in the modern day, Gavin has no luck talking to Ella Jones but does bring Izzy back into the fold. On a side note, I loved meeting Riley's little brother. He believes his sister and dad are still alive as well which is a nice continuation of the themes of family this show is rooted in. I hope to see more of him in the future as he and Izzy can really bond over losing half their families. 

Gavin, Izzy and Dr. Nathan eventually track down Ella Jones' address and head over to try and talk to her. She lives in a pretty isolated spot out in Topanga where she and Gavin were found as children and is also pretty close to where the fort is in 10,000 BC. Gavin discovers his visions are more like memories as he realises he's been here before and has a vision of a grandfather he never knew he had. I'm looking forward to these two timelines colliding and having a possible reunion between Grandpa and Gavin.

Another mystery this show sets up is the identity of Ella Jones. If she and Gavin were found together and Gavin is Isaiah then who is she? My money is currently on Lilly. She and Isaiah shared a minor interaction early in the episode and she's also the right age for the girl he was found walking alongside in 1988. Ella's assistant also mentions that Ella has become withdrawn and doesn't want to talk to anyone which is reminiscent of Lilly's behaviour in the first couple of episodes. If it is Lilly though and she vanishes into some sinkhole or another with Isaiah, it's going to end up piling even more devastation and trauma on Veronica who is barely holding it together as it is. 

What did you think of the episode? Where does Dr. Aldridge fit into the mystery? Who do you think Ella Jones is? Sound off in the comments below!

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