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La Brea - Episode 1.08 - Origins - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_195067_01675.th.jpg NUP_195067_01554.th.jpg NUP_195067_01462.th.jpg NUP_195067_01375.th.jpg NUP_195067_01777.th.jpg NUP_195067_01776.th.jpg NUP_195067_01761.th.jpg NUP_195067_00829.th.jpg NUP_195067_00640.th.jpg NUP_195067_00339.th.jpg NUP_195067_00288.th.jpg NUP_195067_01274.th.jpg NUP_195067_01119.th.jpg NUP_195067_00930.th.jpg

Press Release
With cold weather approaching, Eve, Levi and Ty return to the fort, despite their near-death experience there, hoping to learn 10,000 B.C. survival skills; Gavin's attempts to spare Izzy pain threaten to do their relationship more harm than good.