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Dopesick - Episode 1.07 - Black Box Warning - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
dope_107_gp-2071rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-2051rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-2011rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-1978rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-1855rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-1762rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-1584rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-1488rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-1387rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-0699rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-0929rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-0554rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-0004rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-0493rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-0359rt.th.jpg dope_107_gp-0466rt.th.jpg
Press Release
S1 Episode 107 ‘Black Box Warning’

Richard Sackler and Purdue work the system to prevent their drug from being reigned in, Bridget has a breakthrough in her mission, Betsy has hit rock-bottom while Finnix explores new avenues, and Rick & Randy ready their criminal case.

Written By: Danny Strong & Beth Macy
Directed By: Danny Strong