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CSI: Vegas - Episode 1.06 - Funhouse Review

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Episode 6 titled 'Funhouse' starts off with a dead clown being left at the Funhouse motel. Allie and Josh arrive at the scene to do their job. Her throat had been slit and sewn up with shoe laces and dressed up in clown makeup and costume. This was a very creepy episode as a note, one which would have been great for Halloween maybe. However, Josh and Allie hit a snag during their investigation!

Back at the house where Martin Kline was blown to pieces, Gil, Sara, and our best CSI Chris are examining the wall in which Gil pointed out as a mistake last episode. Luminol was present on the wall, along with bleach. Gil theorises the shrapnel from the explosive ripped through the wall, cutting the killer in the process. The killer cleaned the wall with both bleach and luminol to cover their tracks. 
The mistake being Luminol can be tracked, the chemical composition can be linked to specific locations. 

I bet you can guess where it led to... Gil and Sara determine its Grissoms own specific formula, causing Max to put the lab into lockdown! Oh also IAB Nora Cross now knows everything and is very pissed off with Gil and Sara. She even threatens prison if anything turns up wrong or also falsified. 

So now that the lab is off-limits, Allie and Joshs' job became a little harder. Nothing can be analysed sadly. The woman was identified as a resident of the motel nearby and staying with her boyfriend. The bed was covered with blood, pooled together. Not long later, the boyfriend turns up dead, killed and presented in the exact same way. At least they were dead before all the makeup and costumes were added.

The most unusual part was an origami flower was left with each body. As the case progresses, the bodies were found to be stored in the Funland park nearby. Why would anyone think that making a park for kids filled with clowns was a good idea should never EVER be in charge of an amusement park. The duo also found bloody clothes and six more origami flowers. The killer wasn't done it seems.

Josh rigged up field equipment to find any fingerprints on the origami paper. It led to a Jerimeiah Dalt, who had slashed 5 women's throats. The duo speak to Jeremiah, say's he's never been to the Funhouse but hints he knows what is going on. Josh and Allie leave empty handed but Josh has a theory that the murderer had to kill these people, i.e. how tears/markings on the body were produced after the bodies were killed. 
Sadly, it was the owner who murdered the couple. Dalt sent the flowers in the mail and threatened his family. He didn't want to do it, but Dalt was going to be released (due to the David Hodges case) and would have killed his family. Poor man, he did a horrible thing to save his family but has to go to Jail. 

Back to the lab in lockdown, an addition of ninhydrin was found in the chemical composition. Someone topped off their supply using the wrong nozzle, partially contaminating the sample. For a CSI, this person is not super great at covering up their own work. To make matters worse, someone has stolen a lot of grenades stored at the lab, possibly where the ones used for Martin Kline were from.

Gil and Sara comb through the luminol bottles and find no. 9 has the contaminated composition they're looking for. Running down the prints on the bottle led to a temporary no match. Max using her skills managed to determine the perp was not wearing shoes when taking the grenades, Max knows who it is and apparently its Chris!?!? Absolutely no way, I do not believe it. 

Lol he was just trying to determine which type of grenade was used to kill Kline, but didn't tell anyone. But also the luminol bottle was also his?!?! NO! Someone is framing Chris! He lost one at a scene, he was processing the car of a court bailiff killed about a month ago. 

Sara and Gil examined the car, the bottle looked like it was dropped and left on the bottom interior for a while. The killer had left dandruff under the wheel when collecting the bottle. While the sample is being analysed and put through the system, Sara comes up with the theory Anson Wix is the man behind everything. He was at the scene two days later at the scene where Chris 'lost' his luminol bottle. He was also involved with the Jim Brass case. Nora asks why (a very fair question), money, these cases make attorneys/lawyers tonnes of money. But they cannot prove he stole the luminol as he had every right to be at the scene due to his job and position. 

This was an exciting episode, the lockdown was a new plot twist, I did briefly think someone was a double agent in the lab but when Chris was suspect I was not happy. Firstly, that's pretty tacky and cliche to be a character you've grown to like is actually evil. Secondly, why Chris?! it could've been anyone else. Thankfully, Chris is definitely the good guy. This serial killer, Dalt appears to be involved more as well, he knew more than he or the episode was letting on. I'm interested to see how it progresses through the final episodes, maybe we'll even see the case briefly at trial.

Before I go, I shall leave you with these lovely but very odd conversations that took place this episode 
- Sarah R

Gil "What are you thinking about? Being trapped in here with a killer or our future in prison?"
Sara "I've been around plenty of murderers. Getting threatened with jail is different."
Gil "You'd look good in a jumpsuit"

Penny "But we aren't gonna starve. They're gonna let us out as soon as lockdown is over."
Lab Tech " Yeah, yeah. But if..."
Penny "Fine. If we were gonna starve, I would eat Randy."
Lab Tech "Randy? Why?"
Penny "He's a snack."

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