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4400 - Past is Prologue - Review: "We R Not Powerless"

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Being my most anticipated show of the fall, I was on the edge of my seat when 4400 premiered last week on the CW. Did it deliver to my expectations, check it out in the text below. Janice Cooke directed the episode written by Ariana. 

As a big fan of the original show, hearing that we are getting a reboot on the CW made me really happy. This bitch was hungry for answers. Initially, the OG showrunners were attached to the project and I hoped for the possibility of questions being answered in the process, they dropped in the meantime. Still, the premise of CW's newest entry is simple, 4400 people went missing over the last decade and somehow appeared in the present time, the catch our protagonists have special abilities. 

"Past is Prologue" is well-paced, does some great character introduction and pushes the story in various directions making me excited for the upcoming episodes. The predominantly diverse cast has great chemistry and the writing supports the interactions so well creating an interesting and captivating episode. My favorite difference between the two shows, except for the diversity, is the fact that the government kept the 4400 a secret from the population. It created a more intimate setting and let the effects of what is unfolding to these people have a real effect. 

The 4400 in the major spotlight during this episode was Shanice (played by Brittany Adembumola). A mother that disappeared 16 years ago and finds her family having a new family. Shanice's husband, Logan, remarried and raised Mariah with his new wife. It was one hit after the other for Shanice and Brittany really delivered during the hour. Showing multiple facets of the character and letting us as the audience experience it with her. Shanice is smart, outspoken, strong but at the same time, the writers allowed her to be vulnerable, exploring her character through flashbacks and dipping a bit in her postpartum depression. That moment in the car when Shanice was about to run and leave it all behind really got to me. The emotion and purity behind the scene were simply overwhelming. Brittany is definitely worthy of being the show's lead. 

In the meantime, we also met the two lead social workers/investigators on the 4400 case, Jharrel and Keisha. Keisha and Jharrel couldn't be more different than they are, yet Ireon Rocha and Joseph David-Jones played well with each other creating a solid dynamic between them, setting up a strong foundation for further episodes. The cliffhanger about Hayden knowing about Jharrel's brother wasn't unexpected but I didn't expect it this early. 

Other 4400 introduced during this episode include old-fashioned physician Andre Davis, activist Claudette, bulimic socialite LaDonna, 90's Reverandt Rev, loner teenager Mildred with symbrachydactyly, and quite a boy Hayden. The writers didn't lay it thick upon these characters with occasional teasers about their stories and where they may head. We saw Mildred have telekinetic powers, while Claudette discovered she was able to heal wounds. Seeing how Rev talked himself into a good position and caught the sympathies of his fellow 4400 may put a bit of a baddie stamp on him but I am all here to see it unfold. I found it interesting how poignant the show was in showing in what a powerless position the 4400 were. Taken their rights, unable to communicate to their beloved ones, being oppressed by security/police. I do hope the show digs a bit further into their trauma and how being torn from their lives and put into 2021 affects all of them.  

What are your thoughts on the premiere of 4400? Who is your favorite returnee? Did the show catch your attention? Or will you be moving to another show? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below. An all-new episode of 4400 airs Mondays at 9/8 Central on the CW or watch the next day on The CW App. 

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