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Y: The Last Man - Mann Hunt - Review: "People Are Gonna Have To Pick Sides"

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“Mann Hunt,” the fifth episode of Y: The Last Man, goes outside of the Pentagon and explores the reality of Boston. The reports of riots around the country spread and arrive at the ear of the President, who is still struggling with anxiety about the kids and about the millions of people she has to care for. Oh, last but not least, Regina Oliver shows up expecting to fill her rightful place as President. The scene between her and Jennifer was brief, but it established the power struggle that will eventually come in the upcoming episodes. And Regina can obviously count on Kimberly's support.

Yorick and Agent 355/Sarah get to Boston to talk to Dr. Mann, who doesn't particularly like the idea of helping the govermnent with bringing back men. Her 15-year work has been completely destroyed, because Boston has basically become a war zone, with fights between the US Army and protesters outside the perimeters. The only place that has the tools to replicate her entire research is in San Francisco. I have to give a special shout-out to the scene where Allison explains androgen insensitivity syndrome to Yorick, as to clarify that a lot of women died on the infamous day because they had no idea they had a Y chromosome. The way in which this show tries to dismantle the patriarcal idea of gender is really intriguing to me. The concept of man and woman is being surpassed now, gender is a much more complicated structural idea than we think.
We also go back to the 72 Warren Street, Winthrop, Massachusetts, address left for Agent 355 by Culper Ring. It ends up being a safehouse, where Sarah finds Agent 525, who has been there waiting for weeks. They talk and they find out that they were both recruited by a woman named Fran and that 525 was newly assigned to the State Department and 355 was assigned to the Pentagon the day of the event. Agent 355 then decides to take Fran's tracker and maybe find her in San Francisco or along the journey from Boston. She then lies to Yorick, telling him she got permission from his mother to travel and that Dr. Mann will travel along with them. Yorick doesn't seem to particulatly listen to anyone, being not putting his mask on (which leads him inside a group of protesters. One of them thinks he is a trans man and shows him support and kindness) or not listening to Agent 355, like, ever.
I feel like the episode might be summarized in one line, by Dr. Mann: "You won't have much of a life from now on, will you". Damn, that was harsh. But very, very true. Yorick's life as he knows it is over; he'll just have to wait and see how it will look like from now on.
What did you guys think about this episode? And what about Christine who's pregnant and the person only person who knows about this is Kimberly? I'm pretty sure she might use it against her and maybe against Jennifer. Let me know in the comments below! Y:The Last Man is now streaming on Disney+ in the UK

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