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The Sinner - Season 4 - Advance Preview

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 "Whatever you think it is, you're probably wrong."

The Sinner is Back! And as every season of the show, it's a bit of a mixed bag, I love it, but from the beginning, the writers seem to have a weird obsession with Ambrose's kinks and his past that it appears I don't share, also I don't think any of the following seasons did as well with the small mysteries as the first one, but they had strong enough performer to keep us glued to the screen.

This time around, even though Alice Kremelberg is quite haunting, we don't really see her interact with Ambrose much and the season does suffer for it, there's also something about the main mystery that doesn't really intrigue me, I don't discount the possibility that this might just be my experience and other people might find it engaging, but something here doesn't fully click for me.

There's clearly a bigger mystery somewhere in there, and Frances Fisher is great as the matriarch of the Muldoons but it all seems very vague and I can't see how it could end up being great. I'm open to being totally wrong, I'm actually hoping I am. The three episodes I got to see were enjoyable enough, I just can't say I'd be in a hurry to know what happens next.

"I'm better on my own."

Watch The Sinner Season 4 premiere, October 13th, on USA.

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