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The Resident - Episode 5.08 - Old Dogs, New Tricks - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
resident5x08_001.th.jpg resident5x08_002.th.jpg resident5x08_003.th.jpg resident5x08_005.th.jpg resident5x08_0040.th.jpg resident5x08_007.th.jpg resident5x08_008.th.jpg resident5x08_006.th.jpg resident5x08_009.th.jpg resident5x08_011.th.jpg resident5x08_010.th.jpg resident5x08_013.th.jpg resident5x08_014.th.jpg resident5x08_012.th.jpg resident5x08_017.th.jpg resident5x08_016.th.jpg resident5x08_015.th.jpg resident5x08_018.th.jpg

Press Release
BELL AND RAPTOR ARE PUT UNDER A MICROSCOPEN - Kit hires a surgical coach to watch over Bell and Raptor and help them brush up on their skills. Upon receiving attention from multiple women at the hospital, Conrad contemplates jumping back into the dating scene. Meanwhile, Devon works with an elderly couple.