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Supergirl - Hope for Tomorrow - Review: Repeating Past Mistakes

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The Supergirl writers and producers are well on their way to making the same mistakes that derailed their fifth season. In the latest episode Hope for Tomorrow Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), the Paragon of Hope and known for inspiring hope literally destroys the Hope totem and the arrival of Nyxly (Peta Sergeant)’s secret admirer, are clear signs that they are heading down the same path.

Once again, the show will have done an excellent job at creating and setting up a formidable villain to battle Supergirl and the super friend’s team only to sabotage the ultimate story and said villain for the sake of propping up the return of what has obviously become their favored villain Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer).
In season 5, the show wasted splendid work from Mitch Pileggi as Leviathan’s Rhama Khan to instead turn the character into a weak shadow of itself easily manipulated by Lex Luthor. Now, with the gift of a watch that gives Nyxly a Lexosuit it appears the show is heading down that same path which could easily do a great disservice to Sergeant’s development of this character. Hopefully, this is not the case and Nyxly becomes a worthy adversary of Lex. However, history has shown that repeatedly the producers relish putting Lex center stage at the expense of other characters and story. With all due respect to the amazing Cryer and what he has brought to the character, unfortunately every time he has returned the story has focused on him and not Supergirl.
It’s not as if the show cannot tell great character stories. Clearly, they have the skills and potential to carefully plot and execute a compelling story as evident by their exquisite handling of the Alex (Chyler Leigh)/Kelly (Azie Tesfai) and Esme (Mila Jones) adoption story line demonstrated in this episode. They carefully balance great character development and tell a complex and delicate story in a thoughtful manner. This storyline anchored the episode and could have easily carried the entire episode alone. There were several ways the Alex/Kelly and Esme story could have been tied more directly to the Hope Totem, for example there could have been more emphasis on Esme’s lack of hope in ever having a family to weave the adoption storyline into the Super friends race with Nyxly. This could have been the perfect time to go small, not bigger. The incredible work of Leigh, Tesfai and Jones produced some of the show’s most heartfelt and touching moments of the season. Their chemistry is so strong it begs for their own spin-off show to take viewers on their journey of becoming an alien/human family.
It isn’t hard to single out the most effective and touching elements of their story. Fans of Alex Danvers loved seeing their favorite character’s dream of becoming a mother come true while showing that it isn’t going to be an easy road. Leigh’s emotions and connection with young actress Jones is her best work of the season. Opening the episode with the fan dubbed, “Space Family’s” excitement at Esme’s arrival was a smart move, and the kind of family connection that has been missing this season. And whose heart didn’t melt when Supergirl introduced Esme to her super hearing abilities by first tuning into Alex’s heartbeat. The Leigh and Benoist scene with Jones almost makes up for the lack of a Danvers Sisters couch moment in recent episodes.
Mila Jones is a revelation as Esme. For such a young actress, she is performing like an old pro with such series stars as Benoist, Leigh, David Harewood and Tesfai. She is a master at putting just that slight quiver in her voice or tuck of her head that defies anyone to not fall in love with this character. She has a very bright acting future ahead of her.
The contradiction of such beautiful, powerful writing as this storyline juxtaposed against the mistakes that have been made in the Nyxly/Totem storyline that is supposed to be the main story to wrap up the series remains puzzling. Writers who wrote such beautiful and nuanced scenes in the adoption storyline or so easily slide integrated Lena (Katie McGrath) into the super friends make glaring mistakes such as Kara’s convenient quick change into Supergirl in Catco during William (Staz Nair)’s kidnapping by Nyxly or their inexplicable and much too quickly made decision to have the Paragon of Hope destroy the totem of Hope.
In the aptly named episode Hope for Tomorrow and what remains of the final season, one can only hope there is a method to their madness for these questionable choices. So far, nothing has made much sense regarding the totem storyline which is supposed to be leading to a climactic ending for the series. If they have forfeited the search for the Allstone totems in order to pave way for the return of Lex it could well be their greatest mistake yet. Again, as the title suggests hopefully the writers have a larger plan like having hope inspired by the yet to be found Love totem, or even calling upon Supergirl’s abilities as the very Paragon of Hope to course correct before the series ends.

What did you think of Hope for Tomorrow? How did you feel about Supergirl destroying the Hope totem? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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