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Riverdale - Next to Normal & Riverdale: RIP (?) - Review: Boring Season

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Season 5 has come to an end and in Riverdale's fashion - it is a disappointing season finale and a pointless second part of season five. The show does not seem to have found its narrative dimension despite all the changes and the time jump. Let's summarize what happened in Next to Normal and Riverdale: RIP (?).

In Next to Normal, Alice is still traumatized by the loss of Polly. She can't stop herself by imagining the Coopers as a happy family. Betty tries to help her, but her mother blames her for not being there for her and for the fight between the two sisters. Family drama level up - I really don't understand why Betty has always to lose a family member, it's like a tradition in each season.

While Toni and Fangs talk about their feelings, Archie and Veronica break up again because they are on different paths. Another breakup for Varchie, when will they reconcile? Season six finale?
Jug and Tabitha decide to start a relationship and the episode ends with the gang burying Polly's ashes. The only great moment of the episode.

In Riverdale: RIP (?), Betty gets the title of Special Agent and, consequently, the FBI reopens the field office in Riverdale. Veronica and Hiram have the final showdown: after seasons of useless and annoying fights, Veronica decides to exile him once for all. Will he return at some point? I am pretty sure. The most interesting part of the episode is connected with a crazy storyline for Cheryl.  She learns that her ancestor was burned at the stake by Archie, Jug, and Betty's ancestors and she wants them to apologize at the town forum. We know something wicked this way will come.

Veronica can't stay single and rekindles her romance with Reggie. Same for Archie, he jumps into Betty's arms and they are about to have sex, but they find a bomb under his bed. Hiram leaves town and Archie's house is on fire. 

I really did not enjoy this season. This season finale is slightly promising - just because things change, Hiram is leaving and the witchcraft storyline is hinted. I am not positive about what's coming next, but let's see.

And you? What do you think of Next to Normal and Riverdale: RIP (?)? 

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