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One of Us Is Lying - Advance Preview - Your next Teen TV obsession

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If you love mysteries set in high school, Peacock's One of Us Is Lying needs to be the next thing you watch. I haven't read the bestselling novel of the same name by Karen M. McManus the show is based on, so I'm telling you my perspective as someone who's just enjoying what happens on screen with no previous knowledge.
The show was first described as 'The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars': it's what instantly got my attention when the pilot was ordered and made me want to watch the show back in 2019 (two years and a pandemic later, finally here we are). I like that movie and love that show, and I can say the description is pretty accurate.

I watched 3 out of 8 episodes. I won't go into details of each episode, because I'm afraid that would spoil too much. But let me tell you that the show starts with a really strong pilot. There are pilots that become instant classics of their genre, and this could join them soon. There are several iconic scenes - my favorite being the last one - that I'm sure will get everyone hooked.

The premise is very simple. Just like The Breakfast Club, we have five students who get detention and each of them embodies a stereotype: there's Addy (the princess), Bronwyn (the brain), Cooper (the athlete), Nate (the criminal), and Simon (the outcast). Simon shares his schoolmates' misdeeds online because he thinks they're too entitled and they think they can get away with everything. As a consequence, everyone hates him. The day in question, Simon states his intention to expose our four main characters' secrets. But their secrets are safe for now, because obviously it won't end well for Simon: he won't get out of detention alive after a fatal allergic reaction. The police rules his death a homicide. The four claim they have nothing to do with his death, but they'll end up being the only suspects since they were the only people in the room that could've poisoned Simon. Hence the title: "One of Us Is Lying".
The show builds a smart and compelling mystery. From this point on, it will definitely remind you of the early (spectacular) seasons of Pretty Little Liars: someone posts anonymous messages on Simon's blog taking credit for Simon's death, a murder investigation ensues, and we see Simon haunting the four main characters in flashbacks.

What One of Us Is Lying really nailed is the balance between the mystery and the development of each one of these characters. They are fully fleshed out, and I think each one of them has a lot more inside than what we see on the outside. You will root for each one of them. They're all relatable in some ways, and when they're not, they're still very likable. Which is a lot these days. As long as the show has this, I think that's what will always make the viewers want to stick around.
Not only the chemistry between the stars of the show is palpable and feels authentic, but they all shine individually. Every protagonist has personal issues and a huge secret that could potentially destroy their lives, and these actors are able to convey all the different range of emotions they are feeling.
Of course, it's also a teen drama, so if you love to see some romance you won't be disappointed. There are two main characters in particular that I would really love to see together. Despite not being a couple - yet, because at some point that needs to happen! - they have a remarkable build-up, sharing some intimate and quite romantic moments (the first one barely 20 minutes into the pilot). I won't say their names, but who read the book probably ships these two together and will absolutely freak out on several occasions. Guaranteed.
One of Us Is Lying is addictive and captivating. It always leaves you wanting more, and I really think it has potential to become an instant hit among teenagers (and adults who still love this genre).

Before you go, here's some fun lines to tease you. Can you guess who's saying what?

- Our secret died with him.
- Do you want more trouble, Rojas?
- Why do you always point the finger at other people?
- I think someone set us up.
- Weren't you calling me a nice guy like five minutes ago?
- It's like everyone's here to audition for the reboot of a John Hughes movie.
- They're already scrutinizing everything about me.

The show debuts on Peacock on October 7th with the first three episodes. Don't miss it!

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