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Law and Order: Organized Crime - Episode 2.04 - For A Few Leke More - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Press Release
For a Few Lek√ę More

10:00 PM ON NBC 3 • TV-14 • STEREO • CC • DVS

Stabler must face the music after crossing a dangerous line with Kosta; Bell and Jet devise a plan to secure intel from every criminal organization in the city; Flutura presents an invitation that's too valuable to refuse.

Promotional Photos
NUP_194925_00880.th.jpg NUP_194925_00689.th.jpg NUP_194925_00305.th.jpg NUP_194925_00278.th.jpg NUP_194925_00432.th.jpg NUP_194925_00326.th.jpg NUP_194925_00238.th.jpg NUP_194925_00032.th.jpg NUP_194926_00349.th.jpg NUP_194926_00346.th.jpg NUP_194926_00247.th.jpg NUP_194926_00097.th.jpg NUP_194926_00311.th.jpg NUP_194926_00315.th.jpg