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Day of the Dead - Episode 1.10 - Choke on 'Em! (Season Finale) - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_195641_01605.th.jpg NUP_195641_01648.th.jpg NUP_195641_02182.th.jpg NUP_195641_01980.th.jpg NUP_195641_00658.th.jpg NUP_195641_01135.th.jpg NUP_195641_01173.th.jpg NUP_195641_01236.th.jpg NUP_195641_01399.th.jpg NUP_195641_01356.th.jpg NUP_195641_01440.th.jpg NUP_195641_00134.th.jpg NUP_195641_01202.th.jpg NUP_195641_00802.th.jpg NUP_195641_00237.th.jpg NUP_195641_00560.th.jpg
Press Release
110 - CHOKE ON 'EM!

Losing many of their own, the remaining survivors prepare for the ultimate showdown with the undead. Using unusual bait, the survivors attempt to lure the zombie hoard to the one place they hope to end this, once and for all.