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Chicago PD - Episode 9.07 - Trust Me - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_195656_0186.th.jpg NUP_195656_0260.th.jpg NUP_195656_0293.th.jpg NUP_195656_0156.th.jpg NUP_195656_0151.th.jpg NUP_195656_0205.th.jpg NUP_195656_0222.th.jpg NUP_195656_0126.th.jpg NUP_195656_0109.th.jpg NUP_195656_0032.th.jpg NUP_195656_0240.th.jpg

Press Release
As the team works to bring down a drug ring, Voight builds trust with a new informant. However, it soon becomes clear she has a plan of her own.