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Chicago Med - Episode 7.08 - Just as a Snake Sheds its Skin - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_195787_02600.th.jpg NUP_195787_02560.th.jpg NUP_195787_02471.th.jpg NUP_195787_02459.th.jpg NUP_195787_00930.th.jpg NUP_195787_00424.th.jpg NUP_195787_00394.th.jpg NUP_195787_00180.th.jpg NUP_195787_02159.th.jpg NUP_195787_01567.th.jpg NUP_195787_01670.th.jpg NUP_195787_01144.th.jpg NUP_195787_01028.th.jpg NUP_195787_00945.th.jpg NUP_195787_01729.th.jpg NUP_195787_00614.th.jpg NUP_195787_00081.th.jpg NUP_195787_00155.th.jpg

Press Release
Dylan’s loyalty to Med and the police department is challenged when an old family friend and veteran cop exhibits concerning behavior. The annual random drug testing puts a doctor’s career in jeopardy. Ethan tries a risky old-school method on a patient. Will helps Stevie search for her mother.