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Chicago Med - Episode 7.06 - When You’re a Hammer Everything’s a Nail - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_195495_02404.th.jpg NUP_195495_02391.th.jpg NUP_195495_02121.th.jpg NUP_195495_01330.th.jpg NUP_195495_00187.th.jpg NUP_195495_00071.th.jpg NUP_195495_00014.th.jpg NUP_195495_00004.th.jpg NUP_195495_01137.th.jpg NUP_195495_01054.th.jpg NUP_195495_00696.th.jpg NUP_195495_00236.th.jpg

Press Release
Stevie’s personal and professional worlds collide when her mother becomes her patient. Dylan’s history with the father of a patient interferes with his perception of a case. Crockett’s allegiances are challenged when his patient’s liver is a potential match for one of Dr. Blake’s patients.