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American Housewife - The Guardian - Review: "Hereditary Baldness, Mental Illness or Drug Addiction"

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Everyone with children struggles with the idea of who would care for them if they couldn't. On this week's episode, Greg and Katie tackle that possibility head-on and come to the conclusion, that...well...none of the options are too great. 

While going over their will, Greg discovers that his parents are still named as the children's guardians. He and Katie chose them back when they "thought they were good people" (before the whole secret family/2nd Greg thing came out!) Taylor's an adult, and Oliver's nearly one so that just leaves them to find someone for Anna-Kat. Unfortunately, the only obvious option that presents itself is Kathryn, who's currently busy winning all of Anna-Kat's allowance in a card game, so she isn't what you would call a great option. 

Meanwhile, Katie, Tammy, and JD (with some unrequested assistance from Walker) decide to discreetly try and meet one of JD's potential egg donors, who works at a local coffee shop. While they're initially impressed, things take a turn for the worse when the donor casually discloses to Katie that she used her inheritance from her grandmother to get plastic surgery on basically every body part and that her lifelong dream is to be on The Bachelor. Yeah, that's a no from the judges' panel. 

At home, Taylor and Oliver's constant bickering leads Katie and Greg to punish them by making them go around town and hang up campaign signs for Greg. This works great until they get into a tug-of-war over the tape and accidentally knock over a rack of jewelry while trying to post a sign. Oh well for hanging up signs in local storefronts!

In the search for Anna-Kat's potential guardian, Greg tells Katie that he really thinks Kathryn is the only viable option (Yep, pickings are slim!) Katie isn't thrilled about this, not only because she doesn't want to imagine Anna-Kat being raised by someone who isn't her, but also because it's Kathryn. And if Katie's own childhood is any example, Kathryn doesn't exactly have a shining record. 

Katie tells Greg that the only way she'll sign off on Kathryn becoming Anna-Kat's guardian is if they put her through a secret series of parenting tests and she someone manages to pass. Unsurprisingly, things don't get off to a great start when Kathryn's put in charge of making Anna-Kat lunch. She feeds her celery, a "thimble of cottage cheese," and a Diet Coke. Gotta watch those calories! 

Moving on, Katie and Greg watch Kathryn attempt to console Anna-Kat about a bullying situation at school. Kathryn strikes out here too, by advising Anna-Kat to cut the brakes on the girl's bicycle! 

Finally, Kathryn takes Anna-Kat to the park, and Katie and Greg, who are becoming more and more desperate, resolve that if she can just keep Anna-Kat safe on the outing, Kathryn can probably manage to be her guardian after-all. This, of course, is easier said than done. Kathryn returns from the park without Anna-Kat. She somehow missed the part where she was actually supposed to stay there with her!

After retrieving Anna-Kat, Katie and Greg decide that they'll just have to do their best not to die anytime soon. Surprisingly though, they start to rethink their situation when they see Anna-Kat and Kathryn bonding over doing Kathryn's hair. They decide that even though Katheryn might not be the best parent, the love she has for Anna-Kat is more than enough to make it work. 

In town, Taylor and Oliver continue to try to find places to hang campaign signs, all while not killing each other. When they go into an ice cream parlor to hang up a sign, Oliver runs into Lindsey, the girl he went to prom with last year. When she quickly brushes him off, a hurt Oliver confides in Taylor that they've been talking since she went away to college and he thought she might actually like him. Taylor talks to Oliver about her own complicated situation with Trip, and the two end up unintentionally supporting each other through their relationship dramas. 

At Second Breakfast, Katie and JD watch as Tammy conducts a fake interview for a non-existent receptionist position in her company with another of JD's potential egg donors. Unfortunately, Tammy's best strategy for really getting to know the candidate is asking her if she wants to go in the bathroom and smoke a doobie, at which point the lady flees so fast she forgets her keys! 

Back at home, Katie and Greg approach Kathryn about being Anna-Kat's guardian. And she says hell no! She doesn't want to raise another kid (but don't worry, she'll come visit her in the orphanage!) Just when Katie and Greg are starting to think all hope is lost, the two best options volunteer themselves. Turns out, the solutions to their guardianship problem have been right in front of them the whole time - Taylor and Oliver. While they may be young (and constantly wanting to kill each other) Taylor and Oliver have no hesitancy about stepping up to the plate if needed, and Katie and Greg both agree they'd much rather Anna-Kat be raised by her siblings than anyone else. 

The next day, JD confidentially tells Katie and Tammy he's chosen Jillian, the donor Tammy fake-interviewed. He went after her to give her her keys after she ran away from Tammy, they hit it off, and then...they went on an unintentional date. (JD forgot to slide in the fact that's he's gay, so she definitely thinks they're now an item!) I think he's going to want to pick a new donor! 

Random Thoughts:
-Funniest line definitely goes to Kathryn - "As Peter Frampton once said to me on a transatlantic flight, let's see 'em!"

-Speaking of Kathryn, I just about rolled when she poured booze in Luther's water bowl. That woman never needs to own pets! 

Were you surprised about Katie and Greg's choice of guardians? Do you think JD has found the right donor? Let me know below! 

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