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Vigil - Episode 4 - Review

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Vigil’s fourth episode was one of the most exciting ones yet, and arguably – it’s best. A character driven storyline that explored the start of Longacre and Silva’s relationship in a memorable flashback-driven way, Silva was initially reluctant to open up to anyone following the death of her loved ones, but in one beautiful set-piece after another, the two bonded to the point where they became romantically involved. What caused it to fall apart? We’ve seen hints, references of their brief and turbulent relationship yet they’re still on relatively good terms. So, we’ll probably get a flashback portion in an episode to come about the pair, and Surrane Jones and Rose Leslie’s chemistry is instantly felt whenever the pair are on screen – they’re the best part of the show so far – it allows Silva to feel in her element rather than out of it, as we’ve constantly seen her character pushed about and not really given the time of day by pretty much anyone up until this point.

Fast forward to the present and Silva’s list of allies is running slimmer by the second – the only person on the boat she can trust, is in fact Prentice, who was ruled out of the murder pretty early on into proceedings. Even now Glover has abandoned her completely after she called him out on his affair with Docherty, and Newsome suggests that after Silva tried to intervene in the missile launch during a drill, her mental health confines warrants confinement to quarters. Glover is quick to deny any involvement of the death of Craig Burke or the greater cover up on display, but he’s already lied once… could he be telling a bigger lie? Either way, it’s not the first time Glover was blackmailed, Burke got to him on the stolen pictures from his phone – it’s through Glover that Burke learned of the deaths of US civilians.

Longacare’s arc felt straight from the Line of Duty playbook this episode (to the point where I'm still expecting AC12 to come charging in and Burke to be Arnott's long-lost brother) – even getting invited to top-secret government meetings. Lots of boardroom talk and chases through suburban homes was on the agenda – Sam Redford’s Peter Ingles was taken out, but upon interrogation it was revealed he has diplomatic immunity, he’s a Russian Spy. Ingles kept his cool and headed off – potentially being Jade Antoniak’s murderer? We do know that he tried to rob Longacre’s home before being attacked, so it’s not the first time these two have gone head-to-head. Will it be the last? There’s a certain indication that it’s not going to be the last time we’ll see Ingles, and Redford is too cool to not show up again.

The Government, MI5, Longacre, Colin Robertson and the Navy all get together for a board meeting that should have happened long before this point – but alas, here we are. They know there was a Russian agent on board HMS Vigil – but was Burke the agent, or was he killed by one? Shaw reveals that the sunk trawler was sunk by Americans – who were shadowing Vigil rather than the Russians as previously thought, and they had intelligence that there was in fact a Russian Agent on board Vigil. Everyone knows that somebody is there – they just don’t know who. The Minister gives Shaw an order to call Vigil at last back to port – but it’s too late when the sensible call is finally made, the communications are down.

Vigil is on its own. And Jackie Hamilton (Anita Vettesse) the cook is this week’s latest murder victim. With a fresh murder this week, will there be anyone left? It turned out Jackie’s enthusiasm about her son being jailed in Indonesia on drugs charges being let go was the giveaway to tip Silva off – why was he freed so quickly just a year into his sentence? Given Jackie’s connections, there’s questions there. There’s also poison that matches Burke’s fleece on Hamilton’s bunk bed.

The evidence is ramping up – frustratingly we don’t find out the details on the note that Jackie was given in this episode – that may be to come – and she’s killed before we get the chance. Silva finds her body, but before she can approach, she too is attacked. Was it Glover? He seems to be the most obvious suspect at this rate. But Vigil loves a good surprise, and on this ship, the only person who is actually ruled out apart from Silva herself is Prentice.

Appointment television at its most blockbuster-y where every second is designed to keep you guessing. This was thrilling even when it slowed down, the show gave us some of its best character-driven moments yet and I cannot wait to watch this unfold going into next Sunday.

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