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The L Word - Love Shack - Review

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Finley’s been hanging out with Brit all week. “I don’t know if I’m gonna marry them or anything.” Finley says of Brit, which I believe is the first acknowledgment of they/them pronouns existing on the show. Finley spots Sophie across the room — Sophie who she somehow! Has not seen! In a week! Although they live in the same apartment! Still not sure where i stand with this two, they are not the worst characters individually, but i can not see them as a couple, they´re just a mess and even a bigger one together. Sophie even says at some point about Finley: "she´s not that bad" and oh boy the eye roll i did, i was able to see my brain. Honestly that is not something you say about the person you have romantic feelings for or anyone that you care deeply in any way. I guess i just decided i´m over their relationship. I still think Finley should be dealing with her alcohol abuse situation but here we are.

Anyway, onto more interesting matters, Bette (Jennifer Beals) arrives at the bar, where Alice and Shane (Katherine Moennig) are already waiting for her and as soon as she arrives she starts talking about Pippa Pascale (Vanessa Williams). Alice says that she is also trying to bone someone she works with, but Bette insists this is not about boning, it’s just about work. I think we all can agree that Bette is lying and it’s definitely about boning and they will definitely hook up before the season is over. Meanwhile, Shane’s telling the girls that Cherrie Jaffe came by the other night first to see Tess (Jamie Clayton) and then to see her, although she swears that nothing happened. Nobody believes Shane, duh. So we transition to discussing Bette’s disinterest in Gigi, a relationship she now claims “never really started” and “wasn’t exactly some epic meeting of the minds.” Ouch. Somebody tell Gigi please. Speaking of Gigi, her and Dani walk in, but as soon as Micah and Dani spot the table containing Sophie and Maribel, they both desperately want to leave. Gigi insists that they stay and reclaim their space. Gigi guides Dani towards the bar with a tender touch while glancing at Bette Porter. Which goes against Shane´s one request: No drama tonight. As if.

Sophie takes an imaginary phone call on her hand in order to leave Micah and Maribel alone to have an awkward conversation. Micah notes that he’s not heard from Maribel in quite some time. She says she’s been swamped with the crisis at the border. He asks if she’d like to have lunch. She says she has to work. First of all, what is happening here? i thought we had agreed that they make a good couple and should be together, but of course The L Word´s hunger for drama always has it´s characters never saying what they really mean and instead of having a conversation like adults they avoid each other until the situation is beyond awkward so they pretty much make up for the other side of the conversation as well.
Let´s go to my favorite part of the episode thought, the three OG singing Love Shack,I was honestly having a great time, and every time the camera shifts to a member of the crowd, it appears that this performance has thrust everybody into a wild state of ecstasy. However, someone not having a good time is Gigi, who is a little tipsy and increasingly preoccupied about Bette for reasons that are unfortunately quite familiar for a lot of us: “It’s amazing how the ego takes a hit even if you know somebody isn’t right for you,” Gigi tells Dani. Dani shares that she feels good with Sophie. Gigi says closure is powerful. Dani and Bette greet each other with the warmth of two women that many members of the internet have sexual fantasies about. Dani tells Bette she’s been “working on something for us” that will certainly please Bette, just tell us what it is.

Meanwhile in the backroom, Tess confronts Shane: she wants to know why Cherie broke up with her because she’s pretty suspicious that she had something to do with it. Even i felt like that for a moment. Shane tries calling Tess, who doesn’t pick up. She heads outside, where Finley is practicing telling Sophie not to hit on her. Bette also bailed on karaoke night and has re-located to an art exhibit featuring the students of the one and only Pippa Pascal.

Micah tells Dani that Maribel isn’t gonna date him until she solves the crisis at the border, or something, and Dani suggests that he bury his emotions and instead go talk to a hot guy who has been staring at him all night! Back at Karaoke, the unrequested drama continues! This time, it’s Maribel who spots Micah flirting with a man and decides to go right over and give him a piece of her mind. Back out on the dance floor, Alice can’t make the first move with Tom ’cause rejection is a bit intimidating right now. Sophie tells her she can’t be scared forever, which is a metaphor for her and Finley too, stop it! And we see one of the cringiest scenes my eyeballs have witnessed this year and that´s saying a lot considering how much content i watch, Sophie signs up for Karaoke with Tegan & Sara´s Closer and sings for Finley, right in front of Dani, and it feels like the wedding crashing all over again.

Outside, Dani is running out of the club, with Gigi and her half-sweater in hot pursuit. “I could feel the air get sucked out of the room when I walked in,” Dani said. “Everyone’s eyes were on me. These were supposed to be my people, you know what I mean?” However, one good thing comes out of this, because by the end of the episode gigi reveals that her feelings have changed, reminding Dani that she promised to tell her if they did and they have. Yes! Also it turns out Shane did have something to do with Tess´s break up but not in the way we are all thinking, she´s just looking out for her. Find me screaming: just be together already.

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