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The Goldbergs - Episode 9.02 - Horse Play - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
157147_4474.th.jpg 157147_4398.th.jpg 157147_4257.th.jpg 157147_5454.th.jpg 157147_5362.th.jpg 157147_4631.th.jpg 157147_4401.th.jpg 157149_6860.th.jpg 160245_0074.th.jpg 160245_0055.th.jpg 160245_0007.th.jpg 157149_6901.th.jpg 160245_0433.th.jpg 160245_0299.th.jpg 160245_0291.th.jpg 160245_0236.th.jpg 160245_0827.th.jpg 160245_0786.th.jpg 160245_0556.th.jpg 160245_0659.th.jpg 160245_1093.th.jpg 160245_1042.th.jpg 160245_1000.th.jpg 160246_3295.th.jpg 160246_3271.th.jpg 160246_3668.th.jpg 160246_3142.th.jpg 160246_3521.th.jpg 160246_3612.th.jpg 160246_3371.th.jpg 160246_3680.th.jpg 160246_3986.th.jpg 160246_4046.th.jpg 160246_4028.th.jpg 160246_3900.th.jpg 160246_4189.th.jpg 160246_3760.th.jpg
Press Release

Adam is ready to leave the struggles of his high school years behind him but is distraught to discover he’s been waitlisted at NYU while his girlfriend Brea has been accepted, along with his mom Beverly – who surprises everyone by admitting she applied to the same school. Adam courts the NYU dean of admissions, hoping she will change her mind on his deferral. Meanwhile, Erica, Geoff, Barry and Joanne create their own plan to convince Geoff’s dad, Lou, that Erica had nothing to do with a past incident involving his prized porcelain horses.