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Only Murders In The Building - Episode 1.05 - Twist - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
oms1_105_cb-0438rt.th.jpg oms1_105_cb-0308rt.th.jpg oms1_105_cb-0198rt.th.jpg oms1_105_cb-0143rt.th.jpg oms1_105_cb-0762rt.th.jpg oms1_105_cb-0559rt.th.jpg om_105_bn-0074rt.th.jpg om_105_bn-0160rt.th.jpg oms1_105_cb-0700rt.th.jpg
Press Release
S1 Episode 105 ‘Twist’

Mabel slips away on a solo mission tracking the victim’s final days. Suspicious, Charles & Oliver follow her.

Written By: Thembi Banks
Directed By: Don Scardino