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Mom - Illegal Eels and the Cantaloupe Man - Review: "We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together"

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  It's Valentine's Day on Mom, and the ladies all find themselves celebrating in unexpected ways. 

To kick off the holiday, Wendy ropes them all into donating blood. Everyone but Marjorie is scared of the needle (I don't blame them, I would probably be out the door!) Ironically, Marjorie is the only one who isn't able to give blood, because she's just started taking blood thinners. While waiting, the girls see something that definitely takes their mind off the fear of the needle - Wendy kissing her secret doctor boyfriend! 

At a meeting later, the ladies immediately descend on Wendy to interrogate her about her boyfriend. She says she didn't tell them about him because she knew they'd make fun of her, which of course, they do! While everyone's taking turns making medical-themed innuendo jokes about Wendy's new relationship, Marjorie gets a surprising text. It's Gary, her long-distance boyfriend, who, in keeping with his serious jack-ass nature, breaks up with her over text. Devastated, Marjorie steps outside for a moment alone. Unfortunately, she accidentally falls while looking down at her phone and hurts her wrist.

At the ER, Bonnie, Jill, and Tammy wait for news on Marjorie while Wendy takes her back for treatment. Still wanting to know more about Wendy's mystery man, Jill calls a friend whose husband works in the same department of the hospital to glean more information. The information she finds out definitely isn't what any of them were expecting though. Wendy's doctor boyfriend is married.

They debate who should have to tell Wendy and agree they'll make Marjorie do it (assuming she doesn't die from "wrist-related complications"). After the ladies accompany a now-casted-up Marjorie home, Tammy, Jill, and Bonnie all have a hard time acting normal around Wendy. Since they still haven't gotten the chance to tell Marjorie alone, Jill bites the bullet and breaks the news to Wendy, who...already knows?!?!

Really, Wendy's apparently known the whole time and has decided she's fine with it. The girls all urge her to reconsider and think about the consequences of her choice. When Marjorie declines to take the lead and give her usual lecture about sobriety and good choices, Bonnie jumps in and tells Wendy she needs to think about the wife and how much their affair is going to end up hurting her. Wendy accuses Bonnie of not wanting to see her happy and storms off. 

Later, Adam takes Bonnie out for a fancy Valentine's dinner, where the two run into Jill, who's picking up takeout from a reservation she made back when she and Andy were still together. They invite her to join them. Right after sitting down, Jill gets a call from Tammy, who's stuck at home attempting to counsel a seriously spiraling Marjorie. (She's talking about giving away her cats!) Knowing they need to find a way to bring her out of her depression, Bonnie tells Tammy to come and bring Marjorie to the restaurant. 

As the ladies (plus Adam, who's been inducted as an honorary "one of the gals") sit down for a fancy meal, Bonnie decides she needs to put her feelings aside and call Wendy to join them. This works out well, as Wendy's boyfriend is spending Valentine's with his wife. Bonnie tells Wendy that although she disagrees with what she's doing, she's happy she's there with them all. 

At a meeting later, a much happier Marjorie tells everyone she's scored a date with the man selling cantaloupe at the farmer's market, while Wendy privately admits to Bonnie that she and her boyfriend broke up. Bonnie tells her she made the right choice, but Wendy tearfully admits that he broke her with her. 

-Random Thoughts
 -Adam's gift to Bonnie and (flowers for the rest of the ladies) was very sweet. 

-Best line of the night goes to Bonnie when talking about when she voted - "I was excited. It was my first time voting under my real name." 

How do you think Wendy's break-up will affect her moving forward? Do you think we've seen the last of Gary? (I hope so!!) Let me know below. 

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