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Lucifer – Season 6 – Goodbye and Thank You (Non-Spoiler Preview)

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No Spoilers or teasers will be in this article to respect the wishes of the show’s creators. You can join us for more Lucifer Season 6 content below:.
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Lucifer Season 6 Preview

“There is a reason I don't write articles for SpoilerTV” – the start of an article I wrote in May 2018 during the #SaveLucifer Campaign for the "5 ways to save Lucifer". From that moment, I fell headfirst into the Lucifer community, speaking to fans, creators, cast, and crew. That story comes to an end on September 10th with Lucifer Season 6 on Netflix, and I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

I remember watching the Original Pilot (not the one that aired) and saying "this will be a one to watch", who would have thought that statement would mean both on and off-screen? What a rollercoaster of a ride this show has had! Canceled, picked up by Netflix, given a final season for number 5, and then coming back again for Season 6. To be clear though, this time, there is no coming back. The ending is definite, it's final, and it's not what you expect!

When shows finish they must satisfy me in two ways, 1)say goodbye to the characters in an effective and true to who they are and bring their story to a close. 2) It has to finish the story which feels true to the premise of the show. Lucifer Season 6 does both, it pays off years of character development and brings the story to a close from the first season, finally answering the question of “What is Lucifer’s purpose?”. 

I’ll be honest, the beginning of the season starts off slow, covid restrictions are evident but the episodes are enjoyable and fun. From Episode 3 however, the pace picks up, the restrictions are less noticeable and the story takes a direction you would not expect but is perfect in helping Lucifer come full circle and help him to understand his journey. Deckerstar fans will be happy in knowing this season is for them, with their favorite pairing taking the majority of the focus (but not taking away from the other characters).

The cast and the writers bring their A-game this season to say goodbye to the characters that you know and love, all of which get a satisfying conclusion (or do they?). The new additions of Scott Porter, Merrin Dungey, and Brianna Hildebrand do not disappoint and fit perfectly into the cast. Brianna is a brilliant addition and it's a shame she didn't join the show sooner. 

As much as I love to tease you with spoilers and be a devil about it, this season is better without them. I will say that Season 6 brings the story to a conclusion where some will be happy, others may be in shock, but no one will expect what happens. This story arc keeps Lucifer refreshing to watch and does not feel like a show dragging out extra seasons. As a viewer, as a fan, as someone who feels invested in the show, it gave me the character endings I needed, and it finished the story in a satisfying way where many shows miss the mark. It’s the ending that the story, the characters, and deckerstar needed.

Let's answer some of those questions that always get asked, but with 0 spoilers:
Will there be lots of Deckerstar?
It's hard to find a scene without them ;)

Will *insert any character here* get a good story arc?
Yes *insert any character here* will get a good story and a satisfying conclusion to their story from the 6 seasons.

Do they manage to fit everything into the finale?
I'd say Episode 9 and 10 can be seen as a two-part finale (watch my interview with Joe/Ildy on Sept 9th for more details on that - No Spoilers)

Is the music good?
The music as always is perfect, especially a song in the finale. It's as if that song was written for the purpose of telling Lucifer's story (watch my interview with Joe/Ildy on Sept 11th about that - because of spoilers). When you hear it, you will know what I mean, I promise!

Will I cry?
If you are the emotional type expect tears of sadness, joy, laughter, and pure happiness. You have a few days to buy tissues.

Will the ending live up to expectations?
That all depends on your expectations. If your expectations are an amazing story, good character development, and a finale that finishes the journey of Lucifer Morningstar perfectly, then yes.


My Final Thoughts / Goodbye

I’ve had an experience with Lucifer that not many people will get to have, and for that, I am truly humbled. To the cast I have watched and spoken to. To the creators and crew I’ve had the privilege to interact with. To the Executive Producers Joe and Ildy for chatting so many times which never felt like interviews but 3 people talking passionately about a show they love. To the fandom who have shown nothing but love and support, and to everyone connected to Lucifer. Thank You! 

I end Lucifer not seeing it as a TV show that I watched, but to a life experience I can’t (and won’t) forget. “There is a reason I don't write articles for SpoilerTV” – these 10 words started a journey, and if every experience is like this, maybe I need to change that statement (or at least learn how to write). 

Thank you and goodbye Lucifer. It was a hell of a ride.

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