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La Brea - Episode 1.01 - Pilot - Promos, First Five Minutes, Promotional Photos + Press Release *Updated 27th September 2021*

First Look Promo

First Five Minutes


Press Release
101 - PILOT
Air Date: 28 Sep 2021

When a massive sinkhole opens in Los Angeles, the Harris family is split in two. Eve and her son are sent to a mysterious primeval world. Gavin discovers that the visions that have plagued him for years might hold the key to bringing them home.

Promotional Photos
NUP_193928_4326.th.jpg NUP_193928_2812.th.jpg NUP_193928_2468.th.jpg NUP_193928_3220.th.jpg NUP_193928_3160.th.jpg NUP_193928_3007.th.jpg NUP_193928_3698.th.jpg NUP_193928_3391.th.jpg NUP_193928_1373.th.jpg NUP_193928_1351.th.jpg NUP_193928_2049.th.jpg NUP_193928_1806.th.jpg NUP_193928_1533.th.jpg NUP_193928_0599.th.jpg NUP_193928_2191.th.jpg NUP_193928_0243.th.jpg NUP_193928_2282.th.jpg