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Chicago PD - Episode 9.03 - The One Next To Me - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
Thanks to Lindsey for the heads up.
NUP_194984_0004.th.jpg NUP_194984_0057.th.jpg NUP_194984_0076.th.jpg NUP_194984_0144.th.jpg NUP_194984_0169.th.jpg NUP_194984_0174.th.jpg NUP_194984_0201.th.jpg NUP_194984_0218.th.jpg NUP_194984_0249.th.jpg NUP_194984_0268.th.jpg NUP_194984_0298.th.jpg NUP_194984_0316.th.jpg NUP_194984_0330.th.jpg
Press Release
Halstead’s past resurfaces when a former Army colleague is implicated in a deadly blast. As the FBI launches an investigation into Roy’s disappearance, Upton feels the pressure of the secret she and Voight are sharing.