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American Horror Story - Blood Buffet - Review

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I feel like flashback episodes offer so many opportunities to explore the story in new, exciting ways. From shocking twists to a better understanding of characters, many thrilling things can happen in an episode entirely set in the past. So let's take a look at Blood Buffet: it had the chance to develop The Chemist, explaining her plans and actions; also, it could have shown us more of Lark, giving some meaning to her existence in "Red Tide". We could have seen more of TB Karen's tragic story and discovered why the police (aside from Chief Burleson) seem so uninterested in arresting the pale people, controlling the drug dealing and stopping the talented murderers.

Anyway, we didn't get any of that. What we got: the Chemist arrives in town and starts her business; Mickey is a pivotal part in making it work (fun fact, he's the one to bring Belle Noir into this mess); Lark is the same she was before; Belle Noir has a husband, he is terrible, she kills him. Sometime later, she finds Austin, he takes the pill, and they murder some people together. Finally, the episode follows an aspiring singer who becomes the first pale person, and his journey is exactly what they said it would be: he isn't talented, but keeps taking the pills, in denial about the truth. In the end, his body changes as he becomes a dangerous creature.

It’s important to say that the Chemist isn’t moved by the desire to get rich. She seems to be on a scientific mission, which involves giving the pills to humans and taking notes of what happens to them. Then, she discovers that the pills' effects on humans are the same as those noted on animals, and for some reason, she continues giving the pills to people. She knows most of them will become pale creatures, but she still does that, because… Well, I don’t know. Again, she is not looking for money, nor fame. Why then? Is she a mad scientist craving chaos? Is she pure evil? Does she need good art and decides to create good artists herself? This episode was the moment to give us answers, but they are not here yet.

It's also worth noting that everyone acts like Provincetown is a peaceful place. It’s like no one is minimally worried about what’s been happening in this town for what, two years or so? I mean, it's a small town, after all. There are things you can't hide unless there's a very good excuse. Anyway, people seem to know about the pills, the bloodlust that comes after, the killings, they know it all. But they don't care, they don't fear. Why? I have no idea.

While this fourth episode doesn’t bring anything new and isn’t AHS at its best, it’s nice to see Frances Conroy and Angelica Ross acting together. I loved them here. One last thing: I hope we'll get more of TB Karen on the last episodes. She is such a compelling character, and I’m very curious about her and all she’s been up to. However, her role remains small, so who knows what comes next?

For now, that's it. Red Tide is coming to an end, so let me know what do you think of this season so far. Also, just out of curiosity, who are your favorite characters so far? Mine are Doris, Mickey, and TB Karen.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon.

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