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Y: The Last Man - Episodes 1.01, 1.02 & 1.03 - Promotional Photos + Press Releases

Promotional Photos
ytlm_ute101_0619-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute101_0169-1.th.jpg 08_ytlm_s1_fx_beth_3339_f-1.th.jpg 04_ytlm_s1_fx_hero_3549_f-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute101_1568-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute101_0806-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute101_0632-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute101_2195-copy-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute103_012123-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute103_011264-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute102_009438-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute102_009747-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute103_012303-1.th.jpg ytlm_ute103_012591-1.th.jpg
Press Releases
The Day Before
101 9/13/2021
On the eve of the worst crisis in human history, Congresswoman Jennifer Brown clashes with the President. Her children Yorick and Hero reach an emotional crossroads. None of them know their lives are about to change forever. Written by: Eliza Clark, Directed by: Louise Friedberg

Would the World Be Kind
102 9/13/2021
After a mass casualty event wipes out every creature with a Y chromosome, President Jennifer Brown responds to the crisis. Yorick fears he may be the only survivor. Hero attempts to right a wrong. Written by: Eliza Clark, Directed by: Louise Friedberg

103 9/13/2021
With Jennifer and Yorick reunited, Agent 355 pitches a plan for what comes next. The dead President's daughter, Kimberly, circles Jennifer's secret. Meanwhile, Nora Brady and her daughter Mack say goodbye to home. Written by: Katie Edgerton, Directed by: Daisy Von Scherler Mayer