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The L Word - Luck Be a Lady - Review

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Welcome to this week´s episode of The L Word, Generation Q: Luck Be a Lady. Fun fact, this is an already used episode name from season four of The L Word, a very epic one if you ask me, with a big poker connection to this week´s. The best things about the episode is that we are getting many stories and very more minor characters from season one are getting more air time. Like a lot of Gigi (Sepideh Moafi), more Maribel (Jillian Mercado) and of course Micah (Leo Sheng).
Angie (Jordan Hull) rushes home like there´s no tomorrow, turns out her genetics which should be a 50-50 split of noted artist Marcus Allenwood and noted White Person Tina Kennard, is somehow 51% Sudanese, 7% “other regions” of West Africa and South America, 20% European and 22% Native American? Umm what who did that graphic? I want answers. Angie has already received a message from someone named Kayla Allenwood! Her half-sister! Bette (Jennifer Beals) is gonna be thrilled. Speaking of Bette, we then hoverboard over to a Large Fancy Apartment Building where her and Gigi are dripping in sexual tension, sad to know it won´t last. Anyway, they´re waiting for Dani (Arienne Mandi) and her father to survey some real estate, Bette introduces Gigi as her girlfriend before seeing herself out so we can all just be happy for a bit. Until all hell broke loose because Bette finds out that Angie did the DNA test and Gigi arrivde at the wrong time.

We then go to across town to where Alice (Leisha Hailey) is washing dishes with the fatalist spirit of a woman who is in a non-monogamous relationship that she wishes could be a monogamous relationship. Nat (Stephanie Allynne) arrives home after her overnight date, she admits she feels weird because she slept with someone else last night. Let´s stop with those two for a moment before everything ends as well.Let´s go all the way to the LGBTQIA Center, where Micah’s about to start a new job and is nervous about his shirt. Luckily Maribel is there to assure him it’s an okay shirt, just like she asserted the first three times he asked about it. They´re pretty cute together which only tells us that they´re going to hook up eventually, i´m actually on board of that ship. Now over to Dana´s, Shane (Katherine Moennig)is going over some books, Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) is finagling some promo bottles and Tess (Jamie Clayton) is very mad that Shane wrote her a check for $5k because she is not a charity case! But it was actually for her mother so is all good thankfully. Do not run this relationship for me.

Sophie (Rosanny Zayas) and Alice are still digging through what their potential fun segment could be — not Carpool Karaoke because Alice is in a twitter war with James Cordon and not “Man On The Street but gay” because Billy is already on the street being gay. Anyhow, Alice tells Sophie that Nat had her first date with Marissa last night and she´s very fine with it, sure. I honestly believe they could have handle this whole situation better, the show wants to do a poly storyline without actually talking about polyamory. There are lots of misconceptions about polyamory. There are also lots of different ways to practice it. But Generation Q doesn’t even come close to exploring what polyamory is or isn’t, let´s be honest The L Word will never make sense, we´re all here for the superficial drama.

My favorite to actually come out of the episode is the dynamic between Dani and Gigi, another pairing we didn´t know we needed but they´re fire whenever they´re interacting. Gigi tells Dani that what she really really needs is a night out, and Dani acknowledge that this is in fact true. When she drops her off there are a lot of police cars outside her father´s manor.

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