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The First Lady - Jackie Earle Haley, Maria Dizzia and Jeremy Bobb Join Cast

Press Release
Haley, Dizzia and Bobb will appear in the Eleanor Roosevelt (Anderson) story.

Haley will play Louis McHenry Howe, a former reporter for the New York Herald who spent the majority of his life serving as political advisor to Franklin D. Roosevelt (Kiefer Sutherland), culminating in running FDR’s landslide 1932 Presidential victory campaign. Also Eleanor Roosevelt’s dear friend and advisor, Howe encouraged her to break with her predecessors and make the role of First Lady more active and political.

Dizzia will portray Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, Eleanor Roosevelt’s (Anderson) dear friend and social secretary, whose affair with FDR was a turning point in Eleanor’s life.

Bobb will play Theodore Roosevelt, the progressive 26th president of the United States and Eleanor Roosevelt’s uncle. Teddy took an active role in Eleanor’s life and was enamored with her intelligence and strong-mindedness.