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SurrealEstate - Quarantine - Preview


The official press release for the seventh episode of SyFy's hit summer series, SurrealEstate, reads:
The team locks down in the office to isolate and destroy a murderous demon that followed them home. SOURCE: Syfy
So, yeah, SurrealEstate is getting pretty topical witht that title. Of course, a lot more happens in the episode itself than the press release will have you know. One of these events is a character building awards ceremony for a certain lead who shall remain nameless. I found this to be one of the more memorable scenes of the season so far. 
 I also liked the idea of a demon following Luke and his co-workers into the building as part of a team building exercise. Very clever way of keeping them in the office for an extended period. It really ramped up the tension. The character development was the real star of the episode, though. Good call on that one.
 This week's final scene isn't as disjointed as the earlier episodes' were, but it still packs a dramatic punch. Overall, I found this episode to be one of the more compelling of the season and kept me wanting to continue watching after the last few weeks left me a little cold.


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