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Superman And Lois - Last Sons Of Krypton - Review: It's All Right Now

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There are two things you can always count on in the Arrowverse: A scene involving the video game Injustice 2 and a scene with "All Right Now" by Free playing (what is this like the third time now it's been used?). Personally, I'm perfectly fine with that. Injustice 2 is a fantastic game and there's something always comforting about the old-school rock n' roll of "All Right Now".

On to the episode (this review will also sort of serve as one for the whole season). What I want to focus on first is on the season's "big bad". The season-long conflict between Clark/Superman and Edge/Tal-Rho has been pretty solid, and although the season shifted the focus to his father in the past few episodes, I think overall it was well executed. I don't think it ever reached the level of say, a Flash vs Reverse-Flash or Arrow vs Deathstroke matchup, but it worked well by playing on the Kryptonian brotherhood angle. I said repeatedly over the course of the season that it reminded me of the Clark and Zod conflict from Smallville Season 9, and I still stand by that. 

Having Tal-Rho's father take over Jordan was admittedly kind of weird at first, due to the fact that it's hard to believe a younger actor like Alex Garfin play-off like he's a way older villain. It oddly worked though, seeing as Jordan's character has had boiling anger that's surfaced more than once this season. Garfin was able to channel that side of Jordan well, and he wisely used that same energy here. It was a great writing decision too, as it forced both Clark to hold back his punches when he faced him one-on-one, while also opening the door for many emotional family scenes. The scene with Lois attempting to sever the connection of Jordan and Zeta by going through their memories was especially well-done. I even think it would've been cool to have Jordan controlled by Zeta-Rho for more than one episode. It would've been interesting to see how the Kent family dealt with their son/brother being a villain for an extended amount of time. 

The final fight against the "Defense Counsel" was incredible. We got to see Clark fully unleash his fighting skills, which is not something you get to see him do too often (primarily because if he did he'd end up murdering everybody he goes against). The show's special effects are next level for a CW-level show, and that is put on full showcase here. It was also cool seeing him fight side-by-side with Irons, as it further cemented their status as allies. The development of Irons from foe to a friend was for sure one of the highlights of the season for me, and I'm glad he didn't die when he fell from space. While it would've hit emotionally, I felt it would've been too much of an expected death. 

(Side Note: How about that epic hammer throw?)

In the aftermath of everything, Superman lets the entire world know what exactly happened with Edge, the X-Kryptonite, and the Eradicator. Lois buys the Smallville Gazette from Chrissy, in hopes of making it a beacon of honest journalism. Sam Lane surprisingly steps down from his position as General (let's see how long that lasts). Kyle and Lana decide to stay in Smallville. Jordan and Sarah claim their love for each other. The Kents have a touching burial for Jor-El. And for the cliffhanger, John Henry Irons' daughter arrives on Earth-Prime. What made me curious about this though, is that sinister-sounding music was playing when she was introduced. Could she not be as friendly as we think? 

Overall, I think this season was an amazing start to a show that I hope will continue to be around for a long time. It captures the essence of Superman and Lois' characters, while also bringing in fresh elements that set it apart from previous adaptions. All of the supporting cast is great too, and as it stands right now the show has the potential to be one of the best superhero TV shows of all time.

What did you guys think of the finale and the season as a whole? 

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