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Heels - Episode 1.01 - Kayfabe - Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Sneak Peek

Promotional Photos
hls1-101-021821-0098-a.th.jpg hls1-101-021821-0291-a.th.jpg hls1-101-021921-0166-a.th.jpg hls1-101-021921-0205-a.th.jpg hls1-101-091020-0099-a.th.jpg hls1-101-091020-0217-a.th.jpg hls1-101-092120-0100-a.th.jpg hls1-101-092120-0339-a.th.jpg hls1-101-092420-0023-a.th.jpg hls1-101-092820-0230-a.th.jpg hls1-101-100720-0138-a.th.jpg hls1-101-100720-0157-a.th.jpg hls1-101-100720-0223-a.th.jpg hls1-101-100720-0376-c-a.th.jpg hls1-101-100720-0522-a.th.jpg hls1-101-102120-0095-a.th.jpg hls1-101-102820-0034-a.th.jpg hls1-101-102820-0157-a.th.jpg
Press Release
New, 8/15/2021, Season 1 / Episode 1 , Drama

While the owner of the Duffy Wrestling League has full control of whatever happens to transpire inside the ring, he struggles to enjoy the same levels of freedom and power as he tries to balance his professional and personal lives.

Credits: Stephen Amell (Actor), Kelli Berglund (Actor), Alexander Ludwig (Actor), Alison Luff (Actor), Christopher Bauer (Actor), Allen Maldonado (Actor)