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2021 STV Show Championship - Round 5 (Final Four)

From 64 we are now down to the Final Four. The last round was intense with 2 polls going neck to neck but Station 19 and Supernatural both squeaked by with 51% of the vote each. To get into the Final Four, Prodigal Son beat One Tree Hill, The Witcher, Dynasty, and The Walking Dead. It was the #1 ranked show and has won both hiatus contests so far. However, it is going up against Station 19, which beat Motherland: Fort Salem, Agents of SHIELD, New Amsterdam, and Brooklyn 99 and has had the most votes throughout most of the contest. Whoever wins this poll will be the heavy favorite going into the finale.

In the second poll, we have Smallville which beat The Vampire Diaries, Lucifer, Grey’s Anatomy, and Manifest. It goes against Supernatural, which beat Game of Thrones, WandaVision, Superman & Lois, and Criminal Minds. This is not only a battle between genre shows but between 2 veteran, long-lasting shows that helped make The CW. In a poll where the shows are more alike than different, it will be interesting to see which prevails.

Over in the prediction contest, everything remains the same. Cloisscherzy is in the lead with 97 points with 3 of the 4 shows predicted still in. With 72 points each, Amber Lacy and t4sos are close behind. Excellent job to all! Happy voting!

Polls close around 12:30 am CST on Sunday, August 15.


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