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Vikings: Valhalla - Promos, Promotional Photos, Featurette + Release Date *Updated 7th February 2022*

Extended Promo

Promotional Photos
VAL_101_Unit_03430RC.th.jpg VAL_104_Unit_01703RC.th.jpg VAL_104_Unit_00632RC.th.jpg VAL_104_Unit_00854RC.th.jpg VAL_104_Unit_00940RC.th.jpg VAL_103_Unit_00581RC.th.jpg VAL_01891RC.th.jpg VAL_01241RC.th.jpg VAL_01074RC.th.jpg VAL_103_Unit_00206RC.th.jpg VAL_101_Unit_02630RC.th.jpg VAL_102_Unit_00382RC.th.jpg VAL_105_Unit_00164RC.th.jpg VAL_106_Unit_01160RC.th.jpg VAL_103_Unit_01211RC.th.jpg VAL_101_Unit_02402RC.th.jpg

Release Date

VIKINGS: VALHALLA - February 25, 2022
Set 100 years after the original series, Valhalla chronicles the journey of some of history’s most famous Vikings - Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter, and Harald Sigurdsson as they fight for survival and glory. Here’s your first look.

Teaser Promo