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The Bold Type - Rolling Into The Future - Review

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This week on The Bold Type, Jane is evaluated by her writers and finds out that Addison is not happy. Jane tries to fix it but ends up losing Scott. Sutton throws herself a divorce party because she wants everyone to get over it. Kat teams up with Adena to help a friend. 

I told you: I knew Jane was headed for trouble with Scott. Despite fighting her attraction to him, despite being willing to go to HR to do things the right way, it still caused problems with her other writer. We have indeed not seen a lot of Addison lately. Whenever Jane was working on an article, Scott was always the one helping her out. So yeah, she had been favoring him. It’s better for everyone involved that Jane and Scott no longer work together. But now she also runs the risk of losing Addison. Then again, it could’ve been a lot worse. I’m still proud of Jane for not giving in and hooking up with Scott earlier. That could’ve made things so much worse. Especially since she was writing an article about a boss asking inappropriate things of his subordinates. Think of how that would’ve looked. 
Baby steps: Kat crossed a major line last season and paid the price of her job. She was ready to go all out again but I’m glad she went the milder road. Adena was right. She was so caught up in the injustice that she forgot what the original point was. I loved Kat’s idea, but I doubt her employer will see it the same way. She didn’t do anything illegal but they’ll still probably fire her. But maybe that’s for the best. Clearly, The Belle isn’t as progressive as it claims. And it’s time for Kat to move on anyway. She’s capable of so much more. I kind of what her to go back to Scarlet but I doubt that will be possible. As for her relationship with Adena, there wasn’t a whole lot of progress there. They’re reconnecting but we still don’t know if Adena is seeing anyone. Only three episodes left… 

If only: Here’s the thing. Things went badly between Kat and Adena in the past but enough time has passed that they are now in a place where they could give their relationship another try and it could work this time. If only Sutton and Richard had the same amount of time. Maybe with more seasons, it could’ve been possible. Maybe Richard starts a relationship with someone else, has a kid and then the relationship falls apart and after a few years he runs into Sutton and they reconnect. But with only three episodes left that’s not an option. While I’m still pissed that Richard didn’t have the courage to face Sutton himself, I’m still disappointed that this is how it ends for them. Clearly, we’re not going to be seeing Richard anymore this season (which is probably why we didn’t see him last week). The show will probably end with Sutton being ready to move on. You know, out of all the relationships, I thought they would’ve been the ones to make it to the end. 

Shine a light: It’s a shame that we know so little about the side characters on this show. We do know a bit about Alex but very little about Sage and Andrew. Andrew’s relationship with Jacqueline is so great. I love that she wouldn’t take no for an answer and made him tell her what’s going on. Clearly, he was going to run himself ragged. I’m not sure she’ll be able to give him the raise he needs to make ends meet (if he’s working two jobs, it must be a lot) but I’m happy to see her fight for her employees. 
Best quotes: Jane: “So, on a scale of one to five, how would you rate me?” Sutton: “Looks 10. Personality… 10.”Jane: “Okay, I’m gonna look past the fact that you hesitated at “personality” and that I said “out of five”.” 
Jane: “You feeling better.” Sutton: “Today? Yeah. Tomorrow, I hope so.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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