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Legacies - A New Hope - Review

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This week on Legacies… Lizzie’s Star Wars fanfiction becomes a “reality” as the girls are still hallucinating. Lots of sci-fi effects, aliens, and a mini Hope later, Hope comes to the realization that becoming a tribrid is inevitable if she wants to stop Malivore. Meanwhile, the boys (Kaleb, MG, and Jed) try to bury a wendigo and their differences. Also, Emma yells at Alaric, and Clarke gets resurrected (really? Couldn’t they have resurrected something cooler?). 

What fresh hell is this? The minute I saw that promo I knew I would hate this Star Wars rip-off episode. I mean, what was even the point of it other than wanting to be special… again. They could’ve easily done this storyline without all the crazy sci-fi stuff. It would’ve saved a lot of time as well. Time that could be spent on the actual characters. 

Parental nightmare: Something that really stood out for me this week was Alaric or at least 11-year old Lizzie’s version of him. Aside from the fact that she felt abandoned by him at the time, why did she depict him as a lazy drunk in her story? Kids don’t make stuff like that up, it came from somewhere and we all know Alaric likes to drink. What exactly was going on there at the time and where the hell was Caroline? 
MVP: This week reminded me why Hope Mikaelson is my favorite character on this show. I have to admit I had sort of forgotten after the terrible writing for her this season. But this may have been the first time in ages that we finally saw her confronting the loss of her parents. And it only took looking into the eyes of her younger self. Mini Hope (who I’ve missed terribly) is still so full of… hope. This is a kid who still believes she can put her family back together. The contrast with teenage Hope, who has lost both of her parents and any sense of family (haven’t seen any Mikaelsons visit in a while), is clearly visible. This is a girl who believes her only reason for existing is destroying Malivore. This is another reason why I want this Malivore storyline over with. I want her to see that after Malivore is destroyed, she still gets to have a life. And that really will be a new Hope. She’s still so marked by loss. She even said that all she wanted is to love someone that wouldn’t leave her. I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence that she ended up dating a phoenix (aka someone who can never die). It kind of reminds me of what Elena said on The Vampire Diaries. Part of what attracted her to Stefan was that as a vampire he wouldn’t die (like her parents). I think Hope clung to Landon like he was a lifebuoy and she was drowning. And it probably did feel like she was drowning this season when she lost him. I’ve been saying it all season, she needs to be able to work through her grief and guilt before she can truly move on and be happy. And she should probably do it before becoming a full tribrid because with those heightened emotions that stuff may explode. 

So much potential: It’s becoming very obvious that the best relationships on this show are the ones between members of the same sex. This week’s scenes between MG, Kaleb, and Jed were way more interesting than any scenes between Kaleb and Cleo, MG and Lizzie, or Jed and Alyssa. And the same goes for the girls. I know there’s A LOT of shipping going around in this fandom, but It’s not without reason. They are vastly outshining the straight relationships (though I have to admit that my heart still belongs to Hope and Rafael, the wasted potential there kills me). I know that the writers had a certain idea in mind for their show. It’s painfully obvious by the amount of screen time Hope and Landon’s relationship got. But at what point will they actually start listening to what the audience wants? Do you really want to go down the same route that Supernatural did? Or that Supergirl is about to do (those idiots don’t know a good thing when it’s staring them in the face). It’s pride month, make it gay. 

Bring me flashbacks: There is a lot of stuff to unpack from when the girls were kids. So far, we’ve gotten most of our info through conversations but I have no idea how reliable any of that stuff is. How clearly do you remember what happened when you were 11? We have 3 perspectives to take into account here. And, honestly, the timeline is getting a bit fuzzy for me. We already got Summer back for this episode and we already have an actress for mini Josie. All we need is a mini Lizzie (which I really want) and we can totally have a flashback episode. We have Hope arriving at the school. We heard her refer to herself as an orphan in her story. Despite still having Hayley around at the time, she clearly felt just as abandoned as Lizzie. We have Lizzie episodes starting, Josie’s crush on Hope, … Who do I have to bribe to make this happen? 
Next week: I think I vaguely remember this season getting an episode order of 20 (I remember complaining about it), so why do we already have the finale next week? Does this mean we’ll get another “sort of” finale? Because I don’t think I can take another mediocre one like last season. Especially if the storylines don’t really get resolved. Also, what is the point of giving a 20 episode order if you only air 16 this season? I’ve started to think that this show would be better off with 13 episode seasons. They have way too much filler and this season was proof of that. 

Best quotes: Hope: “I for one am sick of having profound personal discoveries.” Lizzie: “It’s not that deep. There’s an evil villain chasing us, right? So we just defeat it and then we’re out of here.” Hope: “I for one am also great at kicking ass.” 
Hope: “How do we know your father is here?” Lizzie: “It’s a bar, isn’t it?” 
Josie: “Ninjas? In space, seriously?” 
Hope: “Well, I didn’t think that my unauthorized fanfic would be a part of this hallucination.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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