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Good Girls - Episode 4.15 / 4.16 - We’re Even / Nevada (Series Finale) - Promo + Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
NUP_194337_00678.th.jpg NUP_194337_00599.th.jpg NUP_194337_00538.th.jpg NUP_194337_00443.th.jpg NUP_194337_00788.th.jpg NUP_194337_00357.th.jpg NUP_194337_00292.th.jpg NUP_194337_00253.th.jpg NUP_194337_00241.th.jpg NUP_194337_00176.th.jpg NUP_194337_00152.th.jpg NUP_194337_00432.th.jpg NUP_194166_0635.th.jpg NUP_194166_0616.th.jpg NUP_194166_0465.th.jpg NUP_194166_0435.th.jpg NUP_194337_00080.th.jpg NUP_194166_0694.th.jpg NUP_194166_0656.th.jpg NUP_194166_0349.th.jpg NUP_194166_0376.th.jpg NUP_194166_0019.th.jpg NUP_194166_0092.th.jpg NUP_194166_0110.th.jpg
Press Release

07/22/2021 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Thursday) : The girls are forced into a heist by the Secret Service. Ruby tries to repair Beth and Stan’s relationship. Rio offers an unexpected proposal. Stan and Dean form an alliance.


07/22/2021 (10:00PM - 11:00PM) (Thursday) : Beth and Rio form a surprise alliance, but don’t anticipate the shocking consequences. Beth realizes the women’s problems will never go away. Ruby makes a tough decision. Annie is ready to start anew when reality catches up to her.