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2021 SpoilerTV Awards - Tie-Breaker Polls for Fav. Comedy Actor and "Least Favs"

In order to make the contest polls more manageable, I don’t like to have more than 5-6 choices in the final polls. However, sometimes the votes don’t break that way. Hence, tie-breaker polls. With some popular shows like Brooklyn 99 and Schitt’s Creek not being eligible this year, we ended up with 5 actors tying for fifth place in the Favorite Comedy Actor category. We also had far fewer nominations in the “Least Favorite” categories, so the threshold to get into the contest was much lower, making it easier to tie. 

Note - these are just the actors/shows that are tied for 5th place. There are other shows that are already in these categories. 

Because these polls are tie-breakers, they will only be open for a little less than 24 hours.