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The Girlfriend Experience - Shuffle - Review

Please don't read until you've watched The Girlfriend Experience 3x04. 

We started this edition with Iris (as Cassie) in a rather expensive looking bed with Georges. They discuss his wedding ring that he is still wearing while being with Cassie/Iris. Iris then notes that she saw the deep fake telecast and was able to tell that it was a deep fake since the copy didn't raise his little finger like Georges always does when he picks something up. Georges then asks if Iris can be his 24 hours a day. Iris knows deep down this would cause major complications in her life. 

 We then see Iris with Paul. With Paul, Iris is short-tempered and prone to angressive bursts. He gives ehr gold earrings and sks to be with more more foten. Iris, again, knows this isn't possible and says she wil have to consult her booker. Paul give her his private number to cut out the middle person. Iris then sees another telecast where NGM CEO Christophe (Frank Dillane) is being chided by a reporter and he gets defensive and says his tech goals are created by society's desires. Iris then claims she doesn't know him when Paul asks. 

 We also see Iris with a new Saudi client, Zaheer (Sia Alpour), who is very powerful and is used to getting his way. He doesn't want to call Iris Cassie, so Iris caves and tells him her real name. They then have some fun in his car and then perform and little drag race with a challenger in another car. We then see a dream sequence of her meeting with Emcee in NGM offices. 

 That morning, Iris wakes up in the backseat of her car. She isn't sure what is real, but Leif in forms her that apparently a Black SUV was following her at night and just had before she awoke. Iris jut wants to let it go, but tells him to tell her if it happens again. We are not sure if it is NGN or if it is V that is following her. 

 Next, we see Iris have a conversation with a businesswoman about an experimental Alzheimer's drug that could help her father or any other relatives who might contract the illness. That night, we see a nice phone and Facetime conversation between Iris and her father where he forgets about the time difference between the US and London and talks about his daughter without recognizing that Iris is actually her. 

 Tawny also returns in a phone conversation where she complains that a client tied her up and made her act like a dog. She even has the bruises to prove it. Iris instructs her to stop seeing him if this bothers her. This then prompts Iris to try to receive Tawny's advice about using her clients as material for her AI desire project. Tawny doesn't take the bait, and seems a little stunned at Iris' sudden direct attitude after being so na├»ve about being an escort recently, and reminds her that it is her job to look the other way when it comes to clients and their personal embarrassments. Iris then changes the subject, knowing full well recording them like she has been is a major ethics no-no. 

 Of course, Iris manages to actually get some work at NGM in. At the office, she and Hiram discuss how to make their AI understand and appeal to their customers. Hiram mentions the new concept of "shuffling," where the AI can produce random responses, like a scripted play, to keep the client guessing and wanting more (kind of like telling Netflix to "play anything"). This would probably be advantageous to the idea of an AI simulating desire and titillation with a real human being instead of just acting as programed. 

 The obligatory episode cliffhanger happens as Iris encounters a courier as she is leaving the building. She is given a letter saying that she being summoned to NGM offices. All she knows is that this is not a human resources affair since they didn't send someone from HR. Could this be connected to the Black SUV? 

Nice episode. I am liking how the stakes are slowly being raised (in only a 1/2 hour format, no less). I do think the pacing is getting a bit problematic since the writers and editors are juggling so many clients in each episode with such a short running time. Still, the merging of technology and the world's oldest profession in the UK is starting to bring up the temperature in what is undoubtedly rather cold weather. Not sure how the Alzheimer's storyline will fit in here, but I am certain it will not just fade into the background.

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