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The Girlfriend Experience - Deep Fake - Review

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Please don't read until you've watched The Girlfriend Experience 3x03. 

We start with Iris seeing a new client named Brett (Tobi Bamtefa), who is an American Major League Baseball player who enjoys very aggressive sex. Upon hearing him say that he doesn't want to be with American women, Iris (as Cassie) begins putting on a fairly convincing British accent. Things seem to be getting a little more tantalizing when Brett says he wants to have sex without a condom, which Cassie doesn't appreciate, then wants to get into a fight with her so they can have hot make up sex, which Cassie doesn't seem to mind at all. 

She emerges from the bathroom and chides Brett for having a football game on upon her entrance. Brett then notices that Cassie's phone is on and is recording their conversation. They quarrel, but this is all a part of Iris' plan and the experience suddenly gets a little smoother, and the phone captures it all.

Back at the day job, Iris and Hiram are analyzing their speech patterns as they ready their AI project. Iris notices a political broadcast with Georges and sees that it is a deep fake as she is leaving. In the car with Leif, Iris gets some tips on refining her British accent as she sees that Brett only gave her a 2 star rating on the site, despite her best efforts (and accent!). 

 The next day, Iris proclaims they need their AI bot to sound like "she" has more emotion and not just saying lines. She then asks Hiram to break the rules and give her assignments to work on since she cannot work late since she has an appointment with Paul. At Paul's she allows him to play the the dom role in her dominatrix/submissive game. But, of course, she chastises him for giving inadequate oral sex. On the car ride to home, Iris gets word from her sister, Leanne (Jemima Rooper), that her father has early on-set Alzheimer's Disease. Leanne wants Iris to get tested to see if she carries the gene that will cause her to get it as well, but Iris doesn't see the point. What Iris does see the point of is using her recorded conversation with Brett to help the AI bot understand emotion better. Sure, she changes the voices and parses it to analyze the emotional beats, but we all know Iris is crossing major ethical lines here she should know better not to. Pretty soon, there might not be much of a difference between her live at NGM and the V, but maybe Iris prefers it that way. 

 The episode ends with two distinct scenes. Iris meets a new client, newspaper magnet Rupert (Daniel Betts). They attend a Bionic Limb Showcase (tres sexy!). This is juxtaposed with seeing Iris at NCM saying that that the new plan is to make a deep fake via adversarial training and put one AI against each other and see what happens (this never ends up being good. IRL, putting two AIs together caused them to create their own language and had to be terminated by their human creators, but maybe they don't remember that happening). A cliffhanger arise when Iris notices Sean, the NGM CEO at the Showcase. This is what one might call a conflict of interest. Really fascinating episode. Until now, I was having some trouble getting past the techno babble and into the rather wicked character intentions. Sure, the twists are pretty predictable thus far, but in the world of high class escorting, there isn't much new under the sun. Still, I am excited to see how this deep fake idea takes root, and if Iris takes those British accent notes!

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