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"Timeless" was a pretty good episode- it had some elements of the formula I'm always looking for: heart, humor and heroics- plus the addition of the DMX joint was a particularly touching moment. But I don't know if it's just me, I feel like I'm holding my breath waiting for Barry to become this powerful, independent guy and he's just not getting there.

Before I go there though, I'd like to share my feelings about last week's "Trial of Killer Frost". I am not sure where this narrative came from, but I've watched as voices on the internet say the Killer Frost accountability storyline has something to do with Black Lives Matter. I have no idea what that even means. 

Killer Frost was a  known violent criminal. A very public one. She has admitted this. She is now just being called to account for those actions. The cops are rightly targeting her, so what about this storyline has anything to do with BLM? My understanding is that BLM was formed out of the cry for black folks to stop being killed by police during what are routine encounters that every other race of people have with police without deadly consequences. Again, what does that have to do with Killer Frost? I think it's insulting to even say her character has anything to do with something so hurtful to people. How is Killer Frost a stand in for a black person unjustly killed? 

Joe realizing that the police don't always work above board ( in this case pushing personal vendettas, not sharing info with him before making an arrest, using little evidence as a basis for arrest) is more a critique of policing and the conversation around the broad powers they wield than it is specifically about BLM.  So, there.  I've said it. Killer Frost has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. Never has. Never will. She's a character creators have no idea what to do with and need a way to redeem. That's it. Now, about those forces....

The Forces

I found this storyline about the forces interesting. I enjoyed the fantastical part about Barry and Iris creating them, and I love that Nora's rage is not something I quite understand yet. Why does she hate the other forces so much? Why does she believe they cannot be redeemed when she was created from the same source as them? 

It seems pretty obvious that the forces are a metaphor for Barry and Iris' speedster children. They struggle to agree on how to "parent" such powerful forces- one believing they cannot be controlled and the other choosing to believe that they can.  As a speedster, Barry rightly fears that unbridled power is dangerous. And all too human Iris rightly believes that they didn't create themselves and have to be taught how to exist. Then working as a unit, they are able to find the right parenting balance. It was a nice window into what we might see when the twins or whoever they conceive comes.


No fan of the one millionth iteration of Wells, but I like this Harrison just fine. I was pretty convinced that he had something to do with the forces being created, but it doesn't look that way. Seeing him support Barry when no one else did was a beautiful way to say goodbye to the character who was so foundational to Barry's current existence. His genius and his caring nature were on full display and it was really satisfying to see Wells that way. Not Nash, Not Sherlouqe, but Harrison.

Team Flash

Though I'm convinced that Chester can carry on as the new genius engineer, it's so hard to watch as Cisco begins his departure from Team Flash. His funny quips, his techy brain, the fly tee shirts and let's not forget the hair game- he will be surely missed. 

Caitlin was kind of just there this episode. Maybe it's her still dealing with KF being locked up, but I hope that she finds her way back to being a help to the team. I wonder what her relationship with Chester will be like? I don't remember too many of their interactions. You?

I know Allegra and Kamilla are Team Citizen, but by extension they are Team Flash. I have to say, they are ride or die! They followed Iris into the Allen house of horrors with no real hesitation, so that's a team worth having. Too bad one of them is about to skip town with her boyfriend. But maybe the thinning out of Team Flash will do our main character some good. It's way past time for him to be calling the shots, and if he's wrong face the consequences. If he's right, let the team pay their respects all the same, but for heaven sakes, let Barry be the boss of his own show, I mean team.

Other Stuff On My Mind

* Chester calling Barry the landlord or boss sent me. It was both funny and the first time, in a long time anyone has acknowledged Barry's ownership of STAR Labs.

*Barry isn't where I'd expect him to be in season 7 as a hero. I will say, he did more to stand his ground in this episode than he has in a while. Hope this bodes well for his future.

*Iris' fear that she won't be a good mom or measure up to the kind of mom Nora was is so sad. I was happy that her feelings about motherhood are being explored. Hope it isn't the last we hear of that before she becomes a mom in the here and now.

*So heartbroken to see Cisco go but so happy for Carlos Valdes. He is very talented and I would love to see what he decides to do next.

*The "Rough Riders Anthem" addition was DOPE! 

*WestAllen is totally one of my favorite ships, but it gets harder and harder to believe they have this other worldly, supernatural love story when they barely touch each other. I get COVID is with us, but even before that, they stopped being affectionate on screen. We are left with the scenes from past seasons and the rhetoric that they are the gold standard, but it's getting hard to swallow when the people playing the characters on screen don't seem to believe it anymore either.

*Did Nora look like she was about to Reverse Flash Deon???

What did you think of "Timeless"? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @_Naomi Anna?
As always, thanks for reading!

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