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The Equalizer - True Believer - Review

Client:  A woman worried her husband is in trouble.

The story this week focused on one of the big issues we’re facing today.

The client’s husband, Elias, has been drawn into a radical group preparing to set off a bomb in New York City.

Usually, when stories focus on radical groups the focus is on white supremacists or bizarre conspiracy theorists. This episode considered how a regular guy could wind up being drawn into these groups and brainwashed.

The most telling moment, for me, was the observation that the recruitment methods are identical to the way Al-Qaeda recruits.

They didn’t stop there. They also touched on the reality that some of the enablers are not supporters, they’re in it for the money.

The discovery that some of the bomb building supplies came from the police department, it was time to bring Dante in on the case.

It feels more necessary here than in last weeks episode.

Someone finally told Dante, point-blank, that he should walk away from investigating Robyn.

Dante reached out to a friend who works at the Department of Defense. He presented Dante with two pieces of information.

One...Facial recognition software could not find Robyn in any of the databases the DOD has access to.

We’re all thinking... duh! Dante continues to ignore what that implies.

Two, he presents Dante with an old photo that shows Robyn wearing the insignia of a “classified unit with the highest clearance”. Will Dante take the hint?

Dante focuses on the bad cop. Luckily he’s got the right guy because his fellow officers question his decision.

Robyn focuses on Elias. When Elias boasts that his mission was a diversion we get to watch Robyn exercise her skills in “advance interrogation”.

Her approach is exactly what we would expect from Robyn. Empathetic and successful.

Of course the good guys win the day.

Dante finally has Robyn in his cross-hairs. With two cops for back up. His upper hand didn’t even last a minute. She took those cops down fast.

When Robyn took Elias to say good-bye to his family I wondered if Dante, with his focus on the letter of the law, would notice that Robyn didn’t help Elias escape justice. She found him a lawyer and escorted him to the police station.

Maybe he did. After the failed attempt to arrest Robyn, he presents the DA with an affidavit, regarding the arrest, then has himself removed from the vigilante case.

Family Life:  Delilah wants Robyn to do a TikTok video.

Delilah wants to make a TikTok video with her. Robyn wants to do the fun thing with her daughter, but going viral is dangerous.

I loved Robyn being able to share her concerns with Vi.

In the end the solution was wonderful. Robyn got to dance and protect her family too.

Who knew the discussion about kittens dressed as celebrities was a hint about the filters?)

This was another solid episode. I enjoy the episodes when we get to see Robyn exercising the skills that made her the legend we’re told she is.

I am also enjoying the lighter approach to Robyn’s growing bond with her daughter. I realize we’re still in for heavier family stories, but I really enjoy the lighter ones.

What did you think of the episode?