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The Equalizer - Lifeline - Review

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Client:  Clara, a young woman trapped in France

A young woman and her boyfriend are pulled over by “the police” in rural France. When the boyfriend steps out of the car to talk to them, he's shot.

The young woman, Clara, calls a number her father gave her and Robyn answers.

We spent much of the episode in Harry’s lair watching giant monitors, and I was fully engaged.

It’s not easy to get that much tension from a scene where the the characters are pretty static and staring at a screen.

Thanks to Harry, they watch the action over a Soviet satellite and quickly realize that Clara is being chased by pros, and there’s a big picture they are unaware of need to clarify quickly.

This, of course, means calling Bishop and Dante.

I was expecting a little more of a reaction from Dante, but he immediately agreed to get Robyn the information she needed. I know she saiid there was a life on the line, but he didn’t even play the cop card.

Robyn asked Dante to talk with a prisoner, waiting to be extradited to England, hoping that he had information on a friend's job in France.

I would think discretion is a job requirement for a mercenary, especially commanding the money these guys seemed to be working with. Why would the guy in Rikers know anything about his friend's job in France or tell them, if it he did?

(Yes, I know....not that important, but it kicked me out of the story for a moment.)

At any rate, Dante reports back that the guy’s answer was pretty creepy. (Note to Dante, it should also be a hint as to the fact that Robyn ain’t some bored housewife from suburbia. LOL)

Turns out the person behind it all is a bad guy we will surely be seeing again.

Bishop also steps up when Robyn calls. He gets an extraction team in place for Clara, and later a plane to get Robyn, and what looked like a more tactical team, into France.

I have moments where I think Bishop was a peer of Robyn’s when she was active. Then there are other moments, like this episode, where it feels more like he’s a mentor (or handler?) with a special place in his heart for Robyn.

We didn’t a lot of fight sequences for Robin. I wasn’t overly enamored with the fight choreography later in the episode, but it was cool seeing Robyn in charge of an armed unit.

Family Life:  Delilah does some snooping.

The family plus Niki, Delilah’s friend, are prepping for a girl’s night when Robyn gets an alert about a call on her satellite phone.

Personally, I think a better lie would have prevented those girls feeling the need to go searching for clues as to what Robyn really does for a living. (How badass must her CIA nest egg be that she doesn’t need a day job now?)

Robyn didn’t use an ‘a friend at work had a family emergency and needs my help’, lie so Niki had questions. Which led Delilah to mount a search to prove that he mother works where she says she works.

Real life aside: searching my mother’s things would have been a sure way to guarantee I didn’t get to see 15. LOL

I loved Vi’s handling of the situation. Imagination meet simple logic.

One of the trends that’s beginning to appear in the show is Robyn picking up tidbits, on the job, that help her learn to better manage her work/life balance.
Last week it was Dante giving her tips on how to shake off the workday and be fully present when she got home.

This week it was Clara sharing her reaction to finding out about her father's secret life.

Those scenes also gave Robyn an opportunity to express some of the things she would like to say to Delilah, if she could.

Clara's reaction, I believe, helped Robyn decide to tell Vi what she does. Although, I really wanted to know what Vi's theories were.

Despite spending a half of the episode staring at people staring at a screen, this episode is among the top episodes for me so far. I also enjoyed Delilah and Niki searching the bedroom as visions of spy movies floated through their heads.

And, of course, in the 21st Century, the gun safe is print activated.

What did you guys think of the episode?

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