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The Bold Type - Episode 5.03 - Rolling Into The Future - Promo, Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
158628_0067.th.jpg 158621_1269.th.jpg 158621_1339.th.jpg 158620_0168.th.jpg 158621_1203.th.jpg 158620_0340.th.jpg 158620_0682.th.jpg 158620_0903.th.jpg 158620_0569.th.jpg 158628_0062.th.jpg 158621_1302.th.jpg 158620_0690.th.jpg 158621_1545.th.jpg 158620_1086.th.jpg 158620_0173.th.jpg 158621_1264.th.jpg 158620_0566.th.jpg 158620_0569-2.th.jpg
Sneak Peek


Press Release
Jane faces unexpected performance reviews that shake her confidence in The Failing Feminist. Sutton’s attempts to move on from her divorce are thwarted by other’s opinions, and Kat reunites with Adena, who has a secret.