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Superman And Lois - Man Of Steel - Review

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My apologies for not being able to review Ep. 6. I was out of town for the whole week and have just now had some time to sit down and write. I was planning on just talking about this episode in this review, but since episode 6 was so awesome I'll actually spend the first half of this review kind of going over the highlights of it.

What I really loved most about the episode "Broken Trust" was how intense it was. It opened with Tag absolutely pummeling Jordan, and shortly after Superman comes to save him, we get an awesome scene involving Supes stopping a train from going off the rails. After that, the episode didn't let up from there. Jordan's powers begin to seriously amp up, with Clark teaching him to hone his superstrength. As soon as he seems to be getting control of that power though, his superhearing kicks in and causes him to lose control over his heat vision. The most shocking moment though involved Jonathan attempting to stop Jordan from punching his high school bully, only to end up getting his hand broken in the process. I thought that was an excellent way to showcase how much Jonathan cares about his brother, while also providing a moment for Jordan to realize just how important it is to keep his powers in check.  

The other big plot point involved Lois getting closer to exposing Morgan Edge. She teams up with "Marcus" (more on him later) in hopes of finally getting some answers to what is going on. They manage to sneak into a mine of X Kryptonite, before getting attacked by Leslie. Amidst all this, Lois also attempts to get Lana to spy on Edge after she gets a major promotion to work directly under him. Overall, all the storylines were excellent here, these were just the two that stood out to me the most!

Onto this week's episode. This installment picks up right where the last one ends, with Clark taking Jordan to the fortress, hoping that Jor-El can help figure out what's happening to him. Jor-El tells Clark that while he can help Jordan hone his powers, most of the work will have to be done by him if he hopes to get rid of the screeching pain. So throughout the episode, we see Jordan attempt to hone in and learn how to "selectively hear" things. I really liked this direction for the episode, as it showcased what has to be an incredibly hard power to gain control over, more so than we've seen in past Superman stories. So far the writing team has done a stellar job showing the growth and struggle of Jordan in this regard.

The big throughline for this episode had to do with Captain Luthor, mainly his backstory and who he really is. With the help of the DOD, Lois figures out that "Marcus" isn't who says he is and confronts him demanding that he needs to come out with the truth or else their partnership is done. Clark later sneaks into Marcus' RV and finds a machine that mistakenly calls him Luthor. Soon after, Clark and Lois run into Marcus blowing up a shipment of Morgan Edge's. After this encounter, they set up a meetup with Superman in exchange for the X-Kryptonite in Edge's shipment. 

This meetup obviously goes horribly, as in a huge twist, we find out Marcus is not an alternate Earth version of Lex Luthor at all, he's John Henry Irons, a.k.a. Steel from the comics (hammer and all!). He traps Supes in a ring of red solar lights and nearly kills him, making for one of the most intense scenes of the show yet. Thankfully, with his new power, Jordan was able to hear the distress call of Supes and come to his rescue with Jonathan. 

The final point I'd like to talk about is the flashbacks we saw in relation to Irons. Apparently, some version of a Kryptonian army laid siege on his Earth, with an evil Superman killing his version of Lois Lane. This is what pushes Irons over the edge, and is why he's so adamant about killing Superman. The question remains though, why does Irons believe Superman will be just like his Superman?

Again, sorry for the delayed nature of this review, but I'll get back into the groove for the next installment. What did you guys think about the last few episodes? Post in the comments!

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