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Mythic Quest - Yum Yum - Review: Work-Life Balance

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Poppy and Ian’s working relationship takes a turn for the worse in this week’s episode of Mythic Quest. Read on for my review of “Yum Yum”:

After weeks of fighting, Poppy and Ian are finally getting along and compromising on Titan’s Rift - by staying completely separate and doing their own thing. However, David sees shades of his own divorce in their now-amicable relationship, and he and Brad agree that something bad is on the horizon. Separate offices, different project names - sounds more like a break-up than a healthy work environment.

Brad gives Jo another major test as his new assistant, this time tasking her with helping C.W. sort out legal issues with his publisher. Brad himself, in the meantime, picks up his own project: helping a depressed David get back on the dating market. Wisely, he decides to test him out on a Japanese dating sim before he can talk to real women.

As it turns out, though, this was just another instance of Brad pulling a Brad: the “dating sim” was actually a test where David was secretly chatting with several other employees in the office, including Sue and Carol. After much work, he finally matches with Carol, but she firmly turns him down (for varied, obvious reasons).

While Jo initially struggles to defend C.W. (especially as it becomes clear that his legal issues are definitely his own fault), she soon devises a way to get around the issues he has caused: namely, point out to his publisher that he could cause a lot more. After making it clear that C.W. is one - er - outdated comment away from getting the entire publishing company cancelled, the publisher agrees to re-up his contract under his terms.

As their work-marriage definitely doesn’t break down in front of them, Ian and Poppy, missing the buffer of each others’ company, recruit Rachel and Dana respectively to act as their new work partners (already moving on - for shame!). Both manage to get their work done, but its clear to all involved that they work better together - constant bickering or no.

Poppy, having hit a speed bump on her own project, has no ideas on how to keep the investors interested, so she gives into Brad’s idea for a battle royale expansion which she and Ian had earlier passed off as a fad. This causes a problem when Ian suggests getting back together (as work partners), only to find out that she went behind his back and already developed the battle royale expansion. The episode ends as the two argue like a married couple in the Mythic Quest lobby for all to hear.

In all, this was a pretty mediocre episode. Nothing particularly new here; I felt like it wasn’t as spot-on with the comedy or story - not much to write home about. But overall, cute! Fun! Funny! And as much as I'd like every episode to be another "A Dark, Quiet Death," I guess the moral of this week's episode is that you can't always get what you want.

What did you think of “Yum Yum?” Let me know in the comments!

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