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Mosquito Coast - Episode 1.05 - Elvis, Jesus, Coca-Cola - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
105_the-mosquito-coast_photo07.th.jpg 105_the-mosquito-coast_photo06.th.jpg 105_the-mosquito-coast_photo05.th.jpg 105_the-mosquito-coast_photo01.th.jpg 105_the-mosquito-coast_photo04.th.jpg 105_the-mosquito-coast_photo02.th.jpg 105_the-mosquito-coast_photo03.th.jpg
Press Release
Arriving in Mexico City, the Fox parents attempt to connect with Allie’s mysterious contact while the kids get into trouble.

“The Mosquito Coast” stars Justin Theroux as Allie Fox, Melissa George as Margot Fox, Logan Polish as Dina Fox, Gabriel Bateman as Charlie Fox.