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Lucifer - Season 5B - Teasers Day 1

Disclaimer:  This is a teaser article and does not contain major spoilers or details of what happens in the episodes. We advise if you want to stay totally spoiler free to not read any of the following

To celebrate the return of Lucifer on Netflix on Friday 28th May we have decided to bring back our highly popular teaser articles from last year, and give you "5 Days of Hell". That's right, it's going to be 5 days of hell leading up to the return of Lucifer to our screens. For the next few days, we will be posting teasers, episode previews, and more.

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May 24 - Season 5B Ep1, Ep2 & Ep3 Teasers
May 25  - Season 5B Ep4, Ep5 & Ep6 Teasers
May 26  - Season 5B Lucifer focused SpoilerTV Spodcast
May 27  - Season 5B Ep7 & Ep8 Teasers

5 Days of Hell - Day 1 Preview

Episode 1- 3: Out of Context Video

Episode 1- 3: Reaction in GIF's

Episode 1- 3: Quotes

"Detective, you have been nothing but wonderful"

"Enjoy your eternity here then"

"You threw it all away. Why?"

"Do not "mysterious ways" me right now."

Episode 1- 3: One Sentence Review

God is everything you dreamed of and more, the chemistry with the cast is amazing!

Episode 1- 3: CJ's one hell of a teaser

Someone is plotting the death of a major character!

Check back tomorrow for another day of hell as we wait for Lucifer to return on Netflix on May 28th!


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